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« on: September 04, 2012, 06:35:27 PM »
I had and EGD this morning.  I have been taking nexium for several years and feel like it has now begun to fail. for the last week I have felt like I had rocks in my stomach and up to the back of my throat. 

The surgeon said I have stirations on my esophagus.  I have a picture and everything.  I have an appointment with my PC Thursday afternoon.  I am hoping that a change in medication will help the problem.  Does anyone else have esophageal problems?  If so, what kind of problems and what kind of solutions?

I really try to keep sjogrens on the back burner and ignore it when I can. But somedays, it's just overwhelming.  I look healthy, I don't call in sick, although, I usually collapse when I get home.  It seems like I just get one more symptom more often that I used to.

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Re: Esophagus
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I take stomach/esophagus problems in spurts. For me it has alot to do with how much celebrex I've taken.  NSAIDS tear up my stomach!


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Re: Esophagus
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I also have some GI issues that involve my esophagus and have taken several different medications over the years. Some worked better than others so changing meds can definitely have a positive effect on your symptoms.

Protonix worked for me for many, many years but finally it felt like it wasn't working as well and not too long ago I switched to Dexilant which has helped me again.

Good luck at your appt. on Thursday...hope you get some answers!


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Re: Esophagus
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Funny I just posted today about my new symptoms which are chest pain (pressure) and feeling something in my throat that doesn't let the food pass normally. Im scared is related to esophagus dismobility. Since this is a new subject for me dont know much, I hope on your app they give you a treatment.