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New Way to Make Your Eyes Water, Long Post.
« on: June 11, 2012, 01:15:50 PM »

     Today on campus I unfortunately found a new way to make your eyes tear up. Although you should use this method with caution as it might cause an international incident, it happened to me. It all started when I went to a certain lab on campus that has high powered computers for us to run simulations on. Shortly after I got there, a Chinese international student set next to me and began to unpack his backpack. By the time he got everything spread out, there was already a line of students waiting for the computers.

     Unphased by this, he got out three jars of dark brown water with something floating in them. When he cracked the lid on one of them and slurped some liquid out of the jar, people started gagging and evacuating the lab. This made him smile and laugh. When a woman started dry heaving, he called her some name and pointed at her then went back to eating.

     I had to ask him what that stuff was he was eating. He said it was cuttlefish (a squid like creature) pickled in vinegar with onions and serrano peppers. A delicacy from home. Well that is debatable, I thought to myself and tried to get back to work. However, when those slimy slivers of meat cleared the vinegar, the smell that came off of them took my breath away and my eyes began to water.

     He began slurping them up as quickly as he could getting cuttlefish all over his mouth and down his neck. His eyes were watering and his nose was running, but I doubt he knew it considering the consistency of the stuff he was eating.  He bit into a big chunk and sprayed my notebook with brown, slimy, fishy, vinegary, peppery stuff, which made me lose my cool.

     When I quit coughing, I told him he needed to leave. He refused claiming Americans couldn't intimidate him into conforming to their culture if they get uncomfortable around anything a little different, be it food, clothes, whatever. He then went on to exclaim that he was eating something special to him because his grandmother made it for him and that he had waited on it for a long time as it had been buried underground for a year before it was shipped to him.

    Furthermore, it was a lab for everyone and I had no right to make him leave. Americans are all arrogant and inconsiderate *** who consider me second rate because I am yellow. Either that or you are intimidated by how much smarter we are than you, so you are trying to run us off because you are afraid we are going to take all your jobs, I am going no where.

     I responded with no one is trying to tell you not to eat squid juice, but Chinese or not you are an inconsiderate *** who could eat that stuff anywhere. In fact, why not pick a place like outside or your dorm to enjoy it if it's so special. You wanted to make people choke and gag so you could get attention, that is why you picked a crowded work lab to do this because you know there would be a captive audience waiting for computers.

     And no, this lab isn't for everyone. Its for people who need to run simulations there home computers can't handle, not a place for snack time. In fact, I highly doubt that the curators intended for people to sit in front of $20,000 computers and slurp squid spilling it all over them in the process. If a recruiter from Boeing walked in here right now, who is he going to hire me or you, the stinky guy covered in cuttlefish from face to shirt, who made a mess on the supercomputers and bothered everyone trying to work. GET OUT...

     He promptly left to the satisfaction of everyone in the lab. But afterwards, I felt sort of bad about the whole thing. You know, what if he was just trying to enjoy his grandma's cooking and I snapped from stress. But then I thought, you know what, he covered my stuff in possibly putrid fish without so much as a "sorry man" and he even tried to use his race to get his way.

My post novel questions are as follows: Have you ever experienced anything like pickled cuttlefish with onions and hot peppers? If so, did it have this pungent, hot, fishy, vinegary odor that made your lungs burn and your eyes and nose to sting? Also, did I go too far by making him leave the workspace?


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Re: New Way to Make Your Eyes Water, Long Post.
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2012, 01:35:58 PM »
I don't think you were wrong.  You weren't singling him out when everyone was doing the same thing, he was offending the rest of the people.  And the most important thing is that he was irresponsibly spilling/squirting his (obviously attention-seeking) snack on your notebook and quite possibly the computers themselves, which would have ruined them permanently.  There should be signs up stating no food or drink allowed in the computer lab anyway (if there isn't already, I suggest getting some asap), and therefor he would have been breaking the rules, of which you were only enforcing.  Who cares what color he is!  Breaking rules and endangering the equipment for attention is ridiculous no matter what color you are or how smart you are.  And obviously he isn't THAT smart or he would have known this already.

On making your eyes water: anything spicy will do that, and all you need is a sniff  ;)


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Re: New Way to Make Your Eyes Water, Long Post.
« Reply #2 on: June 11, 2012, 02:21:46 PM »
Thanks for the support...

You know half of my family is Latino, and we prepare and eat all kinds of spicy things. In fact, I sometimes eat those serrano peppers :D and I have even been around the production of tamales where the chilies are boiled down but I have never ever had my breath taken away or felt the sharp sting in my eyes and nose like I did was intense for sure. Something about that aroma was unusually harsh or rather some sort of irritant.

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Re: New Way to Make Your Eyes Water, Long Post.
« Reply #3 on: June 12, 2012, 02:00:19 PM »
Wow!  I am certain that there is a posting somewhere indicating that no food or beverages are allowed in the lab, no?  His utterly revolting choice of snack, although it was an issue, should be second to the fact that he should not have been eating in there.   Great story though.  My husband's family is Vietnamese and eat nasty stuff like coagulated blood in soup.  *vomit in mouth a little

Kind of sounds like that guy was fanning flames intentionally, like he knew it would a ruckus. 
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Re: New Way to Make Your Eyes Water, Long Post.
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I am surprised there wasn't a student assistant staffing the lab who would have told him to put the jar away or leave.

I had a co-worker who brought in "quick" 100 year hard boiled eggs to the monthly potluck.  I think she only pickled them a few days and even they were hideous.  I politely tried one and I can't even describe the taste.  I guess fermented would be the best word.  Asians cultures really love pickling and fermenting as in Kimchi (sp?) the Korean specialty.  I think it is an acquired taste.

I don't think you were out of line and from what you told us you didn't make it a race thing.