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OK so here's the thing...I've had my eyes opened and I don't mean that in as much as I can now see my feet when I look down (I still can't) I mean I have been enlightened...

I guess most of us ladies on here have heard somewhere that '80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size' then forgotten about it and gone on wearing what ever we were wearing before. Well the thing is this:  it's true.  I am shocked at how wrong I have been about my bra size.  Shocked to the core

As I posted a while back my boobs grew to a size 34D over the last few months.  Well turns out I'm not a 34 D I'm a 30 G.  I thought 34D didn't sound right but couldn't put my finger on why.  I mean for one thing I'm tiny...I am 5ft 3 and weight 8 stones and take a size 8 in clothes.  A size 34 band is equal to a size 12.  That would be way too big for me.  Also I have been squeezing myself into size D cups thinking I was supposed to have an enormous cleaveage like the Victoria Secret models.  I'm not, no-one is.  If your boobs are that squashed together (like a pair of over ripe watermelons) the bra is way too small in the cup.   

I have found a couple of websites that have really blown me away with regrads to bra sizing.  It seems the old method of measuring bra size is a con...used by inexperienced bra fitters and bra companies to ensure their customers buy a larger band.  For example I was told I was a 34 band but it is way to big.  30Gs are hard to came buy, 34Ds are quite common which would mean I'd spend more money in a store that stocks them.  I wouldn't of course spend money in a store that doesn't sell my size...which is actually 30G.  I found all this out via two websites and have spoken on-line via live chat to a REAL, bra fitter...I took my measurements...she interpreted them. I can post you one link to an amateur site run by a student who really knows what she is taking about and has done some sterling work in her research of promoting correct bra sizes especially for larger busted ladies.  Her advice can also be used by smaller ladies too. 

I also have a site called brastop which specialises in large bras.  It's a UK site  and it's a sales site so I can't post the link but there is some invaluable advice on there I can't recommend it highly enough.  I had recently gone out and brought a load of 34Ds and realised after I watched the youtube video on that site and read their advice that my bras were all wrong.  Once you try on all your old bras after looking at that video you'll think URGH!

Here's the student's website:

the other website is called       If you surf onto their page then  at the top menu click on 'fitting room' and you're away.

Would incidentally love to how how you get on!

PS:  I am also totally appalled by how women are being treated when shopping for bras.   
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Has anyone actually tried this yet?  Wearing the wrong size bra is bad for your back and posture.


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I'm opposite to you - a small cup size, but wider band. Afer losing some weight recently, I'm now a double A cup. Now that is a problem for buying bras. Maybe I should stick with vests:)



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Hi WildThing....took a look.

I'm 5'4"  band would be 32" and 40" boobage with one bra; 38" with another.....go away!!!!!

Can only buy knit dresses or a wrap dress.
So just usually opt for a knit top and skirt same color it looks like a dress. Mom did pull out some BALI bras (she never wore) and I love the support on the sides!!! and wide band, the others are now hurting my ribs, even though they are not tight (fibro)....

The one I am looking at is this model "Double Support? Minimizer  |  STYLE 3335" 

Here is the USA all the brands are sized wonky.... and within the brand, the styles sizes are different.
Most of my bras are taupe/ flesh tone ....except a purple pucci fabric style one that I love. And of course one black.

Hey are you packing yet????
We are going to want photos!!!
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Wild thing--- you are boob-a-licious girlfriend.  LOL  ;D ;)


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Wild thing--- you are boob-a-licious girlfriend.  LOL  ;D ;)

I know lol

And as for photos, I did take some of the coast while I was there, not sure how to put them up though...