Author Topic: Seronegative Discriminating Rheumatologist  (Read 6065 times)


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Re: Seronegative Discriminating Rheumatologist
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Cathy,  this is interesting because my rheumy is also in her 30's, from India and sounded upset when I asked about a possibility of sjorgrens. She said that all my tests are negative. She added that only small amount are zero -negative. 


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Re: Seronegative Discriminating Rheumatologist
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I will tell you a quick story about my son's experience with a doctor.  Can't remember if I told this one before.

The smoke alarm went off at their house around 3 AM and scared him to death and he jumped up really quick and had an excruciating pain in his heel and up his leg. He knew instantly that he had ruptured his achilles tendon as he has many friends who have had this happen.

He went in to ER as he was in such pain and they were very busy. The doc that saw him gave him the 10 cent exam and told him there was nothing wrong with him except a little muscle strain and send him home. Son got into his doc that day and demanded that the doc in ER be brought in and shown what a ruptured tendon looked like.

The dear fellow did indeed get to see what a ruptured tendon looked like and I can just imagine what my son must have told him. He had surgery the next day on his "muscle strain" which was most definitely torn achilles tendon. He missed 6 months of work.

Sooo, I say we need to speak up and hopefully the doctors will accidently learn something along the way. Irish