Author Topic: Gluten Free Breakfast ideas needed  (Read 3669 times)


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Re: Gluten Free Breakfast ideas needed
« Reply #15 on: April 05, 2012, 09:43:54 PM »
I make my tomato soup with canned tomato sauce, sometimes canned gluten free soup stock like Swansons broth or the bouillion powder that is gluten free.

I heat the tomato base up and then add some warm milk to it. I also cut up carrots and onions and cook them in the microwave and add to the soup. Add the spices that you want, the shredded cheese, etc. I might have to add some water at the beginning to thin it down some when I first start heating it up.

I just looked up some recipes that were gluten free on the web and then sort of figured out how I wanted to do it. You can do it any old way that you want to. Oh, I also add some sugar as it cuts the bitterness of the tomato and mellows out the flavor. I also add some water to the cornstarch and thicken the soup before I add the cheese. Sort of a learn as you go project. Irish ;D