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Re: How to re-hydrate the gut???
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You really do discuss EVERYTHING around here. I saw a sex thread from a while back that had me spitting tea at the keyboard. It made me feel like I really belonged, even before my registration was approved.

One more thought on the constipation issue:

Part of the problem is not only the hard, dry stools from further up the intestine but the dryness of my colon and rectal area making evacuation slower and more painful.  I'm going to get some soothing herbal suppositories (not glycerin or laxative) to try to soften and slick up that area so that when the dry, hard pellets get that far, they shouldn't stack up as much or be as painful to pass. Worth a try, anyway.

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Re: How to re-hydrate the gut???
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I don't recall if this has been mentioned in this particular thread before...if so, I apologize for the duplication.
Thyroid difficulties can cause constipation.  My thyroid hormone levels tend to go up and down, requiring monitoring at least one or twice a year.  When I have a flare that affects my thyroid gland, I find that my gut is definitely slowed.
Also, for any woman who has chronic problems with empting her may have a rectocele.  That is a bulging in the wall thin layer of connective tissue called fascia between the rectum and the vagina. We have a connective tissue disease so this is not surprising.  Do you have somewhat flatten stools when your stool is softer?  And problems with retained feel like you can't fully empty your rectum at times?  Here are a list of symptoms:
  • Pain or pressure in the vagina
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Pain or pressure in the rectum
  • Difficult passage of stool
  • Needing to apply pressure on vagina to pass stool
  • Feelings of incomplete stool passage
  • Feeling of tissue bulging out of vagina

These are from this link:
Note that some of those symptoms are only for larger rectoceles.
If you think you might have this problem, you might try this procedure:  Try putting some supportive pressure on the area of the perineum---your skin area between the anus and the vulva (the labial opening to the vagina)---when you are ready to push to evacuate you rectum.  That helps to prevent more stool from entering the rectocele and may even push some out of it. [You might even feel the fullness of retained, somewhat hardened stools that are sitting within the rectum when you put pressure there.]  You can sit straight up when you then do your normal pushing to have a bowel movement or you can alternate also leaning a bit to the right and left as that sometimes helps work stool down.
[Note to those having bladder symptoms---cystocele is the equivalent problem between the bladder and the vagina.]
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Re: How to re-hydrate the gut???
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Look into and try COCONUT JUICE (not milk...JUICE). You can buy it in cans at the store (sometimes in the fruit juice area, Mexican foods area, or Asian foods area)...
The one I buy is imported from's in a white can with green lettering... I think the brand name is FOCA. It doesn't have much flavor(unless you make a pina , but it seems to really help re-hydrate me very well and I've heard or read somewhere that it's like a natural anti-biotic for the gut.
I've seen a lot of survival material/shows and for anyone who is stranded in tropical areas it is always highly recommended to find coconuts to keep from dehydrating.
Sobe has just started making coconut waters... I don't know much about that as I haven't tried it.


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Re: How to re-hydrate the gut???
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Mark, I'm familiar with coconut water....nature's Gatorade LOL, but I've not heard of juice. The water is the liquid from unripened coconuts, and is electrolyte balanced, but can be difficult to find.

Around here, it's usually available in health food stores or franchises like GNC.
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Re: How to re-hydrate the gut???
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Vanilla activia.  Lots of vanilla activia. 


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Re: How to re-hydrate the gut???
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I had to look up coconut juice.. It seems to be the same as coconut water..

We know all about the difference between coconut milk and cream but lately we've been hearing lots of people talk about coconut water and juice. What are they, exactly, and is there a difference between them? And does it matter whether you buy it in a bottle, carton, can, or shell?

The short answer is no, there is no real difference between coconut water and coconut juice. Both refer to the clear, slightly sweet and refreshing liquid found inside young green coconuts. (Sometimes it also contains pulp or jelly.) Although coconut water/juice has long been enjoyed in tropical regions, it has only recently become all the rage in the US. Unlike coconut milk, the water/juice is fat free and low in calories. It's also full of electrolytes, such as potassium, and low in sodium, leading it to become known as "nature's sports drink."
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Re: How to re-hydrate the gut???
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Just wen to the fridge and got a can of FOCO Coconut Juice....

Let's see... it says- Ingredients: young coconut juice (80%), water, sugar, young coconut pulp, citric acid, potassium metabisulphite.

Nutrition Facts: 120 calories, fat 2%, 0 sat fat, sodium 5%, carbohydrate 10%, fiber 4%, sugars 22gr, proteins 0. (based on a 2000 cal diet) ((1 11.8oz can))
*for best flavor chill and shake well before drinking.


Imported from Thailand

Now, I can't speak for the 'coconut waters' that are coming out...those that I see in the store are made by Sobi.


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Re: How to re-hydrate the gut???
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Thanks for info.. was wondering!
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Re: How to re-hydrate the gut???
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Here's a link that gets you right to the page about the coconut juice that I drink: