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***Expanded Policy regarding Blogs***
« on: January 17, 2012, 03:56:57 PM »
We understand our members may participate in their own blogs, for journaling and support outside our forums. 
However, we feel the need to expand our rules and regulations in regard to mentioning these blogs on the Sjogren's World discussion boards, for the comfort of all.

The blog should only be mentioned in one's signature line (a link or URL would be permissable).  If someone wants more information, they may PM (private message) that member, or go to the blog themselves.

We will no longer allow "active recruitment" topics asking for members to contribute to a personal blog. We do not want any member or guest to feel pressured to do so, and we will not be put in the position of appearing to support or endorse any private blog, regardless of nature or content.

In future, any topics asking for participation in a personal blog will be viewed as a form of personal advertising (commercial or not), similar to any topic promoting the sale of any publication for profit and will be deleted or modified to remove the request.