Author Topic: Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAP Syndrome or GAPS)  (Read 2756 times)


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Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAP Syndrome or GAPS)
« on: December 31, 2011, 03:17:23 PM »
Hi all I wanted to share that my sister and her family had a school inform her that they thought my niece (7yrs old) had a mild form of autism. After some much detailed genetic testing of all their family members and seeing a neurological specialist she was DX with Gaps syndrome.

My sister contacted me due to my ceilac issues, my kids ceilac issues and knowing my father has been Ceilac pos for years. I know many of us here have food issues. If you google GAPS Diet you will find a wealth of information as well as resources to diet planning.

A brief intro to Gaps is that many people have bodies that reject the processed food in western culture. (gmo) Our children are facing from birth a serious malnutrition of important vitamins needed for brain development. Thus a large rise in misDX of add and adhd, and the huge rise in forms of autism. When if we would start eating right, removing the poison foods from our diet our brains would heal themselves. As well as a reboot of our entire endocrine and immune system.

Yet some of us have done irreparable damage to our systems, we can protect ourselves from the also increasing Alzheimer's DX that runs high in celiac and AI patients...

I am encouraged that this is a valid medical DX that proves what many of us feel in our hearts. Our food is not helping us.. I trust that I can not be the only person who sometimes find they feel better when they dont' eat. (well till the low blood sugar hits  :P  )

Anyway did a search and seen that it had not been talked about yet so wanted to share with everyone..

Blessings of a happy new year.. Kerry


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Re: Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAP Syndrome or GAPS)
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2011, 03:23:32 PM »
I have the GAPS diet book & did that when I was at my sickest & could only eat a few things (when I was first diagnosed with Celiac). Its very strict but helped me a lot.

My niece is autistic & I highly recommend your niece see a "DANN" doctor who specializes in autism. My niece does & it has made a huge difference. She is on a strict diet & tons of supplements but it is amazing how great she is doing!

Her doctor thought it was very "interesting" all the autoimmune issues I have.

Thanks for sharing! Carie
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Re: Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAP Syndrome or GAPS)
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2011, 03:34:20 PM »
An article in Discover magazine linked a gut bacteria to Autism. It also liked the bacteria to anxiety.
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Re: Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAP Syndrome or GAPS)
« Reply #3 on: January 02, 2012, 06:24:24 AM »
It is odd how genetics are in families.

I do not/did not have any close family member with Sjogrens or anything similiar. BUT I have 3rd cousins, descendants from my mother's sister, who have a plethora of autoimmune stuff from thyroid disease to MS. Genetics is sooooo puzzling.