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« on: October 10, 2011, 11:28:55 AM »
Yesterday, we had our daughter over and since she has a new puppy, she usually comes too.  We all decided to pile in our car and do a color tour.  It is in full bloom here.  We are having fun with the new puppy, although I was never one for animals.  This one is special.

We went to a state park and a few other scenic places.  I mostly sat in the car or on a picnic table.  My companions went on a walk in the woods, which I can't manage right now.  I have my full knee replacement scheduled on Nov. 2nd so I've had to sit out this summer pretty much.  It hurts to go up and down a short flight of stairs.

I have enjoyed this weather, even if I did have to sit by myself while the others went hiking.  Of course, the puppy did not want to stay with granny and sit around.  :-)

Joe S.

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Re: Yesterday=beautiful
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Jan wanted me to remind you to exercise before and exercise after your knee surgery.
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Re: Yesterday=beautiful
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Thanks, Joe.  I am doing some water exercise, although not as much as I'd like, and also doing some floor exercises and lots of stretching.

I found out today I'd likely have to have a spinal because of the Sjogrens. I freaked as I've never had one.  The last time, I had throat problems as the tube ripped skin off my esophogas.  I'm sure I had SJS then but didn't know it.  I have to talk myself into the spinal.  Lucy


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Re: Yesterday=beautiful
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Oh Lucy

Your own grand puppy is always special, just like your own children and grandchildren.

That is called love.

And it's what makes the world a wonderful place.


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Re: Yesterday=beautiful
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So good to hear you got out and had a nice time!  The fall colors are so beautiful. 

 All the trees are looking pretty here in Ky this week, and the weather has been very nice this week. Even though you had to sit out, I'm glad you had fun with your daughter and grandpuppy.  :)

Hopefully, you can plan an outing again before that knee surgery.