Author Topic: FASTING.. anyone ever give it a shot? what are your thoughts  (Read 6573 times)


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Re: FASTING.. anyone ever give it a shot? what are your thoughts
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hellooo again!
12lovehim...I'd love to hear more!!  I am fascinated by the idea!  For spiritual growth as well!  message me privately if you will!  thank you, I feel challenged and hopeful! :)

stephL   i practiced a bit today!  no food til 2pm.  then i ate nuts and chips!!.. what a dummy.. I hope i can do this!   so weak!~
NARA  I think healing "issues" would require long fasts, not sure how long yours was, 1-5 days is probably more for maintenance... and short term weight loss.. at least from i have read.    YIKES! I read some people do like 65 days!  I hope to try 2days, then 5, then see where i go from there.  :

A66eyroad (abbeyroad?) lol... thanks!  I love Oz!

SKylar!  I am researching Fuhrman books right now! awesome! I have a book about a woman who was a healed of vasculitis or something like it that i have browsed. is Christain book.  I have to be sure not to just read the book... with good intentions... I now where that road leads me!

65 DAYS???  Oh heck no!!!   (although the language in my head is WAY more dirtier!! Like the *F* bomb!). I was watching Dr Oz the other day, and someone on here mentioned it, and he showed the weekend detox that I'm going to try.  It's healthier and probably safer.