Author Topic: A Fail Safe in Your bag of Tricks to Perk Up a Glum Day?!  (Read 5157 times)


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Re: A Fail Safe in Your bag of Tricks to Perk Up a Glum Day?!
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Watching my Dogwoods coming out of there winter hibernation and starting to bloom, along with my hostas, watching teh robins fighting over some silly little place to build a nest, almost overnight the woods have greened up,, and I;m hearing Tom turkeys calling hens,
  I think of my sons and how well they have done in there lives, my oldest was asked to move to Charlotte to run the enginerring dept down there for westinghouse nuclear division, my youngest works for westinghouse also, and i;d like to think I had a lot onhow they managed to get that far, I pushed them, let them lean on me when times got bad for them, and I think I knew just what to say to get that smile from them,
 Michael is concerened about moving,, hes worried about me, but I just told him, Mike I;m not going to live forever, and you cant build a carreer looking over your shoulder while your trying to move forward,, he agreed,

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What you shared is a beautiful vision... I could "see" what you shared.
Sounds like you have some wonderful boys I hope you can keep coming back and sharing with us!