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Hi everyone.. New Gal here..
« on: July 24, 2011, 05:54:09 PM »
Hello my name is Keri?
I have been through the gamete of CTD.. It has been 10 years of ?you have depression? to Vit B shots too Fibro. Thank God a new PCM due to insurance changing.. First meeting I informed her that I have had the Flu and walking pneumonia 6 times in the last year.. My last bout lasted 2 months.. So she just ran a Mono test on me. 

Then in February I was in such pain between what I thought was a Kidney stone and/or Gallbladder attack that I went to the ER.. (something everyone who has always been told it?s depression hates to do.)  Well I found myself admitted into the hospital due to low platelets and a room full of Specialist. Well I was put on IV pred and plaq for 5 days. Told I had Lupus. 

Well due to thyroid involvement (that they have said I had issues off and on for 10 years) the Dry mouth and only 1 positive DNA and being positive for SSB and SSA high sed rates.. I have been told that I am Primary Sjogrens and it?s not Lupus.. So here I am knowing everything about Lupus and zip about Sjogrens.. And my DR told me be glad that you have this instead of Lupus..

So I say to them who thinks this is nothing.. Really.. I am retired Army, just 42.. Was looking forward to life as a wife, student and a Grandmother of a 2yr old and 3mo old.. and I haven?t been able to do anything that reminded me of my former self for almost a year..  My flower gardens are over grown, my fruit trees are wilting with unpicked fruit.. My hubby is working 18 hr days to support us and pay off dept, (cuz I can't work) my laundry pile is way to high.. That alone would depress anyone..  ;) Some days my skin hurts to bad to touch it.. My once silky skin is rattled with bumps.. and my face has some ?unknown discoloring? and the black circles under my eyes scare my family.. The brain fog freaked me out the most.. oh and this new issue of do the drugs cause seizures or inflammation in my brain is starting seizures.. ( and they thought it was depression.. how did everyone miss this?)

Wow.. ok and to top it all off.. I have started whining too..  :P  Ok.. so thats me.. And yet it?s not.. I do have a warriors heart.. I fight every day to move, walk, eat and play with the grandbabies.. Knowledge is power.. and Prayer works..
I look forward to learning from everyone about this Disorder.. Will it respond like Lupus? Is it not so much more than dry eyes and mouth??  And do all the Doctors hate auto immunes.. Because they treat you like if a symptom is out of the box, it?s nothing to worry about.. So I got some questions..

1.  My Kidneys hurt quite often.. is that a symptom of something greater?
2. I get swelling in my groin area that makes walking impossible sometimes. Like lymph nodes swollen.
3. Underarm swelling mostly on Left side.. I can feel the nodes about the size of quarter.. Worrisome or not?
4. What would I call the pain that feels like you just broke a rib or 2, when you didn?t do anything and taking a breath is hard..

Ok.. so sorry to overwhelm everyone.. but finding anything other than dry mouth and eyes is hard.. Thank you all for responding in advance..
Blessings.. Keri

Joe S.

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Re: Hi everyone.. New Gal here..
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2011, 06:47:07 PM »
Welcome. Please have your doctor check out the lymph symptoms. You will find a lot of information on the forum.
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Re: Hi everyone.. New Gal here..
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2011, 09:17:11 PM »
Hi Keri. It's nice to meet you. You have a lot going on. You need a great Rheumatologist and sometimes they are hard to find. And yes, I too feel like the doctors really don't like to treat the Autoimmunes. About the lymph nodes and the kidneys--you need to speak to your doctor.

You will find a lot of helpful info here. Take care of yourself. One day at a time.


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Re: Hi everyone.. New Gal here..
« Reply #3 on: July 25, 2011, 08:10:36 PM »
Hi Keri and welcome to Sjogrens World!

I personally think that docs do hate autoimmune issues becasue they can be so hard to identify and treat. It is also possible to have more than 1 "disease" as they sometimes tend to run in packs but the symptoms may still be similar. There are also many people here who test negative in the labs but have all of the symptoms and need to be treated as well.

Sjogrens and lupus are very similar and I believe are pretty much treated in the same way and with the same medications...there are also some here who have been diagnosed with both.

I'm sure that I have probably confused you I feel like I'm talking in circles...but autoimmunes are very difficult to comprehend (even for doctors)  and overlap  with so many symptoms.

I agree with Joe and Season that you need to find a good rheumatologist to give you a complete check up and to insure that the lymph issues in your groin and armpit areas are looked into.

Please read all you can here and ask any more questions that you have....and again welcome to our family!


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Re: Hi everyone.. New Gal here..
« Reply #4 on: July 26, 2011, 05:00:58 AM »
Hi Keri,

Let me also welcome you to the SJS World and family! 

Please look around the board as there are scads of topics that you might be interested by using the search engine located in the upper left hand side of this page.  If you can't find an answer there, don't be shy and ask away as there is usually someone about that might be able to help.

Sending you some super soft

( ( ( HUGS ) ) )

and hoping that you get some answers soon.

Take care of yourself and don't forget to keep us updated, okay?

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Re: Hi everyone.. New Gal here..
« Reply #5 on: July 26, 2011, 05:58:28 AM »
Hi Keri,

I might have welcome you before, but I will say welcome again!   ;)  We're glad you found us.

Well, you've really had a time of it lately.  So many of us understand how our lives can change so quickly, and symptoms confuse and worry us.  Some have very few symptoms and some like me, sort of got hit with a brick over a short time.  Sounds like that may have happened to you, and it can be so difficult to deal with. 

So, 1) Whining is always allowed here-we'd rather call it venting.  ;) But call it whatever you like.
     2) Finding a caring rheumatologist can mean all the difference.
     3) We understand how depressing this can all be. I think it's been shown that depression is a part of the disease, so it's very natural.  Don't be afraid to get some help with this if necessary.
     4) I love your line "Knowledge is power...and prayer works."
To your question about is this more than dry eyes and mouth: that's the crazy thing about Sjogren's.  For some, they have a bit of dry eye and put a drop in once a day.  For others, more symptoms can be a challenge and it's not the same for any of us.  So, I guess that's not a good answer, however, there are medications that can be a huge help.

Meanwhile, please keep posting.  Know that you are not alone in this, and that we care.  We're all on this journey together...
Take care, and keep us updated, ok?