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Re: Menopause and Sjogren's
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Does anyone know if I am right in assuming that HRT has more estrogen in it than birth control pills?

Hi Liz,

Actually, I thought I read the opposite, that birth control pills have more estrogen than HRT.  Although I found a link,, that outlines what each does when it comes to menopause symptoms.  Maybe that will help you decide what you want to do or not to do? 

Interestingly enough, in my case, I didn't start my real fun with Sjogren's (don't know if I had it before and it just wasn't bad enough yet) until I went on birth control pills after my last child.  I hadn't been on them for about 7 years, and hadn't noticed any major Sjogren's-type symptoms at that time.  So it seems to have correlated with what should be an adequate amount of estrogen.

Liz D.

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Re: Menopause and Sjogren's
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Thank you, amberjolie1, for that article.  It was very interesting.  I have my yearly physical coming up next week and I think I will discuss it with her.

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