Author Topic: Where is my friend??  (Read 1533 times)


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Where is my friend??
« on: February 09, 2011, 09:10:17 AM »
I made a very good friend on this board who i talked with know who you are! (won't name any names, just in case she doesn't want the attention).

Something happened and I don't know what, but now you are in blue (the dreaded gone color) and your emails that i have for ya is gone! :'(

I hope when ya get a new email, if ya still want to remain friends, ya will email me the new one!! If ya just want a little break from it all, that's your call, but I do worry about ya!

I feel that we all need this board for whatever reason, and everyone has a right to be supported and be heard!

Love ya! :-* :-*

Sha :-* :-* who will ask ya all only to make nice comments on this thread since it is for my friend who I care for dearly!!