Author Topic: When you Receive "New Personal Message" from Sjogren's World Forums  (Read 9888 times)


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Hello everyone,

The message notification service on the forum is a bit confusing.

I would like to explain a bit about how it works when you click to be notified of new messages in your personal profile settings.

When you get an email message with the subject line "New Personal Message" in your regular email account, it is notifying you that you have a message on the forum and the link at the bottom of the notice is where you should click to go and read the original message on the forum and then you reply from there (within the forum) . If you just simply reply to the notice, it comes to me, which is not what you wish to do (usually).

You see, forum messages stay within the forum - they do not use your true email addresses. Messages reside in the database and are passed back and forth within the forum, keeping your email addresses private.

Please continue to enjoy the forums and the private message feature; you all make up quite a wonderful community and we are privileged to have you as members.

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