Author Topic: The top ten worst suggestions commonly given to someone with a chronic illness  (Read 33084 times)


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Meow..NO he didn't
He also doesn't stand up for me when people ask why I am anti-social, why I am tired ALL the time, why why why.
I think that hurts me the most. My bosses stand up for me and my close friends stand up for me, but my own husband? He wonders why I don't tell him anything? He isn't there.
I know I have issues too, but Oh I Don't Know ???


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why don't you go have a social life?  I am just happy i can get dinner done.... or wash my freakin hair....



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I have somewhat social life, but when I don't feel good I don't think about anyone else so I ignore everything else. I guess my demeanor changes so people think I am being anti-social. :'(


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Well.... It's just Sjs right? You only have dry eyes and mouth. Nothing eye drops and a sip of water wont take care of. Ughhhhhhh. How could they not know it's so much more. Grrrrrrrrr It really does make me feel ignored. Even when I try to tell them... I hear, "Well my mom has it and she is just fine. She carries water with her all the time. No big deal."

Joe S.

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I had one Dr say in exasperation, "Well what do you think you have?"
I replied, "Dry Eyes, dry nose, dry mouth, dry skin and dry a$$. Can't you figure it out?" I walked out of his office. A few days later I got a letter in the mail... Could it be Sjogrens?
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Joe, that's funny! Having the doc ask you what do you think you have is pretty bad! Don't you wish you had a recorder when doctors say something really stupid? I'd love to send it back to them in the mail. Especially when they say the opposite of what they said at your last appointment!
I miss the good old days. Things were more like they used to be back then.

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One of the worst and from my husband no less (he really cares, just doesn't express it very well):

"If it were me, I would be trying a lot harder than just seeing doctors and taking pills all the time."

Yep, gotta love him.


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I just got diagnosed and thought I'd let HR know in case I start acting a little "off". Well, more than usual I guess now.

And I got "are you sure it's not just hormonal?"

I'm 29. I don't think my hormones aren't exactly raging these days.


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I've heard it all and was just sitting here reading some of these to hubby telling him just how STUPID they all sound to us  ;D It's ok, keep sounding dumb so we can keep laughing at them...

I love the "Get better soon" Um yea sure I'll try that tomorrow.... hubby got us bikes roflmao... yea ok I'll give it a try but when I can't get out of bed for 2 days he's sooo going to pay for it lol BUT I will try it... I know I can't handle the heat so we'll have to do it near sunset or something. I do love being outside when I can deal with the heat. I love going for a bike ride. I just don't know if my legs can do it anymore  :(

IF I feel up to it, I'll try it if not then I won't. I like fishing too... So, if you wanna go we go night fishing haha


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When will you be well?!?  ....?!?!?!

Oh good, you finally found out what's wrong with you!     well, that was supportive!

You think it is because you are overweight?   hmmmm

Is that why you are so short?....nope, it is why I am overweight.

Where did you catch it from?... then quickly, is it contagious?

Why don't you try line dancing?....hahaha

Have you tried yoga?.....I can barely walk at times, you want me to twist in a what?

Why do you have it?...just blessed, i guess?

You need to go to this doctor I read about!......oh, okay, one more for my collection

Drink Vinegar!...yuk, now that's just wrong

Coffee enemas?Will cleanse your system! this is wrong!   

I just read this article in Vogue! ..well i will fit right in, not!

Well, at least it isn't terminal!!   this one sometimes makes me feel better , sometimes not!

Think Happy Thoughts!!!!!!....sunshine, bluebirds, pain, oceans,flowers, pills, soft breezes, choking,  housework, drowning pain in oceans of pills....haha

and my favorite,  You have to use the power of positive thinking and just keep going........(what do they think I have been doing?)

Think I will stick to Prayer!!!!     -sass-