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Orbital Myositis and muscle biopsy
« on: July 25, 2010, 05:16:59 PM »
Much news all. Still quite overwhelmed. Was at the university twice this past week. Neuro and general eye clinic on Monday and then on to neuro-opthal on Thursday. It all became very hurry up around my eye pain and double vision. Was there all day Thrusday testing for myasthenia in eye and other disorders for the pain. They gave me an injection of what they now use instead of tensilon since it is nolonger available. That was amazing!!! Suddenly my body was as if I'd never been sick! My breathing improved first. That was the best I'd breathed in years. I dont tolerate mestinon pills anymore like I used to. But this was even better than when I was on 60mg 3-4 times a day. When I went on the pill after the MG crisis it wasnt this good at all. This was like being in a dream. When it wore off I had to fight the need to cry cause it was gone and I was this crumpled mass again.

The eye doc seemed to do some threatening as she wrapped up. Said to start on high dose naproxen. She next would be steroids and if necessary radiation therapy. When I got home an researched the naproxen it seemed they paid no attention to my health history. Liver issues and prone to kidney stones and sensitive to meds. She asked if I ulcers and that was it. I said no but the mestinon iscausing trouble for my stomach. I double checked about being told by the first eye doc it was ok to take my narcotic pain med (hydrocodone) at the same time. I said wouldnt that be hard on my liver? They said no.

I know docs would possibly question this but seriously I was breathing wonderfully better even thru the next day. Even my vision was crystal clear the next day.  I want more injections like this.  My neur was scheduling a biopsy but suddenly it was set for Tuesday. This is moving suddenly fast.