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I have severe sleep apnea and even though my CPAP machine had a humidifier, I felt like it made my dry mouth worse. I gave up on it.  Still sleep incredibly poorly, but don't remember most of it due to sleeping pills.  I rely on a heated humidfier next to my bed. I use Biotene mouthwash-- mostly for my teeth. I keep a water bottle next to my bed. I also place a hot rag over my face for about five minutes right before I go to sleep to aid with my gummy eyes and breathing.

One other thing to consider might be nightime acid reflux.  It could be washing up into your throat and causing you to choke. That's part of my issue. I just started a new drug Dexilant.  It is a delayed medication; not quite as strong as Nexium but works more consistantly long term. I had been on Nexium for years-- and even though my insurance balked on that (because you are not supposed to be on it long term), I find that this new med might be better (or my body is just excited to have a new drug and it will also outlive its welcome shortly).

Welcome to the boards!! I wish you better health -- or at least some remedies that work for you!