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Guinea Pig or Not?
« on: February 15, 2010, 03:02:39 PM »

It's been six weeks since these problems began and starting this diagnostic journey by first consulting two neurologists because of sensory/autonomic symptoms.  Got a call from one of them last Friday. They've now decided that because the skin punch biopsy showed SFN at the site highest (as well as the lower sites) on the leg, it "might mean, not saying it is, small cell lung cancer, and we want you to have a CT chest with/contrast and a paraneoplast blood panel that will be sent to the Mayo Clinic."

DON'T MEAN TO SCARE ANYBODY HERE WHO HAS SFN: After getting up off the floor, went into high-gear research mode on-line.  Seems that could/would be the case IF there was something called anti-Hu antibody(ies) present in the the biopsy specimen.  Decided to get pro-active this morning and called my primary neuro's nurse and asked how quickly I could find out WORD-FOR-WORD what the path report says.  She asked why.  I told her I'd retired after years of being a medical transcriptionist in radiology departments/physicians in various disciplines, and I wanted to know before getting, particularly, the CT scan.  So then and there she read the report over the phone/is mailing a copy to me.  It said the SFN found "could be" idiopathic (no known cause), not a word about anti-Hu antibodies, and only mentioned the small cell thing as one of a number of differential diagnoses.  Bottom line right now:  Not running for any more diagnostics until after I talk with my primary tomorrow because it is known that one of Sjogren's manifestations is SFN, in and of itself.

Anybody here diagnosed with SFN ever been presented with this same situation by your docs?