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Rose Bengal Stain
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Seeing an opthalmologist tomorrow for the first time since 2006 (WAY late), and am wondering if anybody here knows whether or not the Rose Bengal test is accepted as diagnostic of SjS?  Call me sissy, but just don't want to get snipped/stitched on 3/23 (when lip biopsy is scheduled) if I can avoid it.  Have had lots of blood work/spinal tap/QSART (no fun)/skin punch biopsies, etc. since this thing hit like a bomb just after the first of the year.  If my new rheumy would accept the RB test in lieu of the LB, would drop the LB idea like the proverbial hot brick.     

Also read some posts here about how badly some folks's lip biopsies went, and also other posts that said their Schirmer's test was no day at the beach, either.

Thank you, whoever answers this. 


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Re: Rose Bengal Stain
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Hi Sheltiemom, Rose Bengal Stain is used to stain necrotic tissue and devitalized cells of the cornea, and will show any damage to the actual cells. Unfortunately, it won't show what caused the damage. It can result in a diagnosis of keratitis sicca, which is really just a way of saying "dry eye" and is only a symptom of SjS. Some doctors, in a "clinical overview" may accept it as diagnostic of SjS, but there has to be a lot of supporting symptoms and evidence.

Try to remember that everyone reacts differently to every test, some people breeze through a lip biopsy or Schirmer's, but have reactions to the Rose Bengal such as increased photosensitivity for a few hours.
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