Author Topic: ***Excellent Sjogren's/autoimmune article in Ladies Home Journal (March)***  (Read 2510 times)


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WOW...we have been heard!!! super article..just cried when I read it.

March 2010 issue of Ladies Home 134.

52 years old.Primary SS, Lupus, Raynauds, POTS, Hormone issues from Hyster-menopause, systemic candida,osteoporosis,Gastroparesis, chronic neuropathy, migraines, sinus/dental issues. selective immune def/low t-cells.
Prednisone & medrol , plaquenil, diflucan, bio-estrogen creams,many supplements


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Thanks Gurs for the heads up.  I think a couple other members spotted it also.  I will definitely see if I can get a copy once I'm able to get out to the store again. :D

That could be Spring...........................possibly Summer.  ;D

It's wonderful to see the news media is starting to notice this disease. 

Thanks again,

Hugs, Pooh


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Thanks for the heads up!!  I don't take that magazine and wouldn't have bought it if you hadn't mentioned it.


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This must be a girlie thing, I don't get it.  The only thing I want to read is that there is a cure for Sjogren's and I don't need an article  to validate my illness to others.  Oh, now I get it, what a great read for all those doctors that know less about Sjogren's then their patients, bring one to the doctors office, now I get it ;)


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My mom told me about it..i can't wait to read this weekend!! 


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I think any kind of information that gets out there to others is great news! The more exposure the better!


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maybe we should all write to the editor of the magazine and thank them for the article and ask for more.


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Hey - Has Sjogrens been on Dr OZ yet?