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Re: Family not much support
« Reply #90 on: April 12, 2010, 02:05:45 PM »
No wonder they are wearing you out! The little one needs to have a pair of eyeballs on her every minute of the day :o

 Does the 5-year-old help? At least she'll be in kindergarten soon, and you'll just have the one.

When my grandson comes, we have a routine. First we eat something, then we go outside, so I can sit on the patio while he chases the cats around and drives his little car around on the patio. I give him a cup and he goes around watering the plants and flowers. I can stretch that out for a long time. Then we go take the turtles out of their pen (box turtles, and giggle while they chase each other around the yard. For some reason, when they are not in their pen, the male thinks the female is a new girl in town, and chases her all over. We toss a ball around, too. I help him do somersaults.

Then we go for a walk. Strollertime.  Time to make every dog in the neighborhood start barking! We stop and bark back at each one, count them, announce what color they are, and wave goodbye. Having about 30 dogs to call on in a 3-block radius  takes quite a bit of time.
Then we go home, have a big drink of water, and chill out by reading stories on the couch. At this point Grandma here is getting tired, so we augment stories with Nemo and Spongebob if need be. 

That routine takes about half the day.
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Re: Family not much support
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The 5 year old is in preschool 1/2 day so I have the 2 1/2 year old all morning. Get some one on one time with her. She loves to swing and would swing all morning. We then pick up the 5 year old and have lunch. then the 2 1/2 year old naps for 3 hours and I have one on one time with the 5 year old. We to go outside and swing, water flowers, play with the bunny. what ever she wants to do. Then about 3 I make dinner and she watches a little tv or helps me cook. On Tues we have dance so I get them ready for dance and have them there by 5:15. Daughter or sonin law releave me about 5:30 - 6. Then half hour drive home and I am exhausted. It does the heart good but not the body. I am just happy I can still help out at this time. Who knows what is ahead. Two days a week is all I can do and happy to do it.