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Re: Sharp, infrequent pain is common
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Hi Issy

I'm sorry to say but this sounds like another SjS 'gift'.  You're right to remind us all that it could be something else, and that we shouldn't miss the signs of something to be investigated by other specialists, but SjS itself can throw up all sorts of odd things.

I've learned a hard lesson these last few months which I'd love others here to benefit from.  I've had weeks of agonising pain in my lower spine and pelvis, and consequent difficulty in moving and walking.  It seems that I've damaged the area in two SjS related ways:  to compensate for the loss of connection between my muscles and nerves in my legs I've developed an odd walk; and to attempt to control the tremors in my legs I've over-tightened my leg and lower abdominal muscles.  This has been going on for 4 years so there's plenty of damage to undo!  Please, please everyone get your backs checked out by an osteopath, chiropractor, Pilates teacher, or other specialist you trust.  I feel so foolish but I had no idea of the damage I was setting up.

Maybe looking after our backs could be a new year's resolution for those of us with SjS pain?



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Re: Sharp, infrequent pain is common
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Oh Chickpea, so sorry you have yet another 'thing' to deal with, though I suppose it must be a relief to know why you have been having so much pain there.  It seems we are never done with getting something new!  Hope you can unlearn the walk and the muscle tension and get out of the cycle of pain soon.  Take care, XX Ailsa
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Re: Sharp, infrequent pain is common
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H i i get these sharp pains to. I was only diagnosed at the beggining of this year but they think i've had sjs for about ten years. I get the pains mainly in the front of my head and the base of my head at the back they drive me mad,get them in my tummy to. Not much helps either.

 Claire x