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Title: Love garage sales
Post by: Bucky on May 20, 2009, 12:57:59 PM
I've posted about this before on the old forum, thought I would start a new post about it again.

I love, love, love going to garage sales.  Let me preface this by saying growing up my mother dragged us to them when we were kids and I hated them . . . until I got older and realized all the neat things you could find at a sale, many times finding brand new items with tags attached - really cheap.

My favorite sales are the sub-division sales - lots of sales in a close proximity or a flea market.

Garage sales here in Central IL have had a slow start due to all the rain we've been having.  Today we're in the low 80's and everyone is out in groves hitting the "garage sale trail".

My usual garage sale partner is my son . . . however, he is still in school, so I can hit them solo for a couple more weeks.  Actually, I prefer to go solo as I can go as fast or slow as I want too.   ;D

Todays adventure was a successful array of finds (there are some days I find nothing :( . . . other times, I hit the jackpot).  I also keep a journal of what I spend and what the item is that way I can keep track of the money being spent.  For $16.15 today I got:  5-shelf metal cabinet w/doors that will go in the garage $1, glass quart jar that had a pretty design on it - 10c, 29 black plastic round platters w/clear lids (like they use for party trays) - $2, Magnetic ABC's - 25c, 1 new pkg, & 1 half pkg. of cable ties - 25c, Relic purse - $3, 3 new, clear make-up cases - 25c, Faux Leather Mary Kay tote - $1, 2 new, round sponges - 5c, 2 Large bags of silk flowers, ribbons - $1 (many of the flowers still had tags on them - this buy alone was worth over $25), pr. black shoes, new - 50c, pr. black wedge shoes, new - $3, Girls snow suit - new w/tag, - $1.50, 14 infant clothes - $2.25 (Carter's, Baby B'Gosh, Okie Dokie).

I've already made a little bouquet out of some of the silk flowers and put it in the glass jar I got today.   :D  The platters w/lids will come in handy to take vegetable trays, cheese and cracker trays, meat trays, sandwiches, etc.  We needed the cabinet in the garage, so that will be put to good use.  Unfortunately, the two pairs of shoes I got today are too big.   >:(  However, they will go in my own sale I hope to have in June. (the curse of the shoes hits again!!  >:()

I find that childrens clothes, toys, equipment is a big seller at sales - they outgrow things so quickly, it was a huge money saver for me when my son was a baby/toddler.  I also find lots of household items - dressers, pictures, tables, dishes, games, mirrors, etc. sell frequently.  I've furnished my house with many of these finds.   ;D I'm always on the lookout for books - can't go wrong with those buys.  Just bought a bookcase "find" for son as he has outgrown his little bookcase in his room.  We've always told him that we will gladly buy him books instead of the latest electronic gadget.  He loves books! (He just bought a "lot" off of Ebay last night!)  ;D  As I have mentioned before, my very favorite find (to date) was a 1950's retro silver pom pom Christmas tree for $1.  I love that tree!!  My parents bought me a color wheel for it - best present I ever got from them.   ;D  And . . . I just found at a sale last week a bunch of black ball ornaments for my tree . . . thought that would look really "cool" on it.   :D 

I'm glad that garage sales have become "vogue" here in the US in the last couple of years.  Growing up it was looked down upon if you got your clothes, furniture, etc. from a "garage sale".  Funny thing is . . . nothing has changed in all these years . . . it ALWAYS was about saving money and "recycling" good, useable things.  Some people are just a little slow to catch on!!  LOL

I've always thought about opening my own little resale store . . . . nah, then it would be work and would take all the fun away from it!!  LOL  I really should sell some stuff on Ebay - hmmmm, will have to think about that.  I know some members DO sell on Ebay.

This subject is near and dear to my heart . . . I could talk about this forever . . . . . I'll spare you . . . . . . .  ;D

What are YOUR sale treasures and finds??

Happy hunting,
Title: Re: Love garage sales
Post by: Chickpea on May 20, 2009, 03:52:03 PM
Wow you got some great bargains today Bucky!  I love the sound of your Christmas tree too, and the black ornaments will look really good on it.

I'm not a great bargain hunter but I've found some treasures in the past.  When I was a child my parents used to help at jumble sales (UK speak for rummage sales) in aid of school funds and charities.  Because we all helped we'd get first pick, and sometimes people would offer us things too.  Best ever was a china doll c. 1900, complete with silk clothes and fancy underwear.  I adored that doll. 

In the 1970s my older sister - dressed in her Afghan coat! - found loads of 1950s clothes in jumble sales.  They'd be called 'vintage' nowadays and nobody would give them to charity.  Charity shops have taken over from jumble sales and some high streets have almost as many charity shops as regular stores.  More and more people are selling stuff on ebay too but I'm too lazy for that!  Hope you have some success with it, Bucky.

By the way, does anyone know where you can get cheap used furniture - bookshelves, a dresser etc - in NY city?  Is there a Freeshare system there or any type of garage sales?  My son is a student and needs to furnish a small apartment.  All advice welcome!

Can't wait to hear other people's experiences and hints for success!

Take care - Chickpea
Title: Re: Love garage sales
Post by: lynnmarie219 on May 20, 2009, 09:10:42 PM
Wow Bucky! You sure did get a lot of good bargains today! And it sounds like you had so much fun finding them! I go to sales sometimes, but I'm not a big shopper and really have to be in  the mod or looking for something in particular....but every once in a while I find a good bargain.

I also like to go to auctions...I think they are exciting, although I usually don't think fast enough to get the things I really time to hesitate when you are at an auction and want something!  :)
Title: Re: Love garage sales
Post by: wednesday mc haggis on May 21, 2009, 04:16:24 AM
Love it !!

were call them car boots sales here, a few large ones in my area to wander round.Got a gorgeous indian style thick heavy wood coffee table from a flea market last year, just needed a sanding down and a varnsih back up for 9 dollars  , would have been about 100 new.

Yup its recycling, cost effective and fun, its the not knowing what you will find , and the vast array of eclectic things.

I have had many great bargains from them, ive also had a few of my own, and sold on ebay, both soaps and bathbombs i used to make, but also just having a clear out, made 100 pounds/ 160 dollars in one week on ebay selling things no longer used.

I must confess i am  a bargin hunter, and yes as a single mum at the time ,it came in handy the savings, now the bugjet isnt quite so tight, i still love them,./

  Great you got so much at such a good price, hopefully the waether there picks up Bucky and you get round some more, they are fun and addicitve lol

T x

Title: Re: Love garage sales
Post by: jonnell on May 21, 2009, 06:53:00 AM
Love yard sales so does Jenna.  It is a hobby of ours.
Title: Re: Love garage sales
Post by: Pisces24 on May 21, 2009, 04:10:23 PM
I love going to garage sales.  Sometimes I find good bargains and other times I don't.

I really like the socializing with the people I meet.  We are pretty friendly here in the Midwest. You can start up a conversation with strangers just fine without them looking at you like "what planet are you from?  :o". I vacationed in Calif once and got that look

When I was a kid "way back when LOL" there just wasn't garage sales around Boy you can make out like a bandit on kids clothes at garage sales. WOW!  I usually stay away from "estate" sales as everything is too high priced and it is usually run by an "outfit".        I tell myself I have an excuse to hit the garage sales. I watch and pick up cheap old towels, rugs, blankets, and pet products for the animal shelter.  Sometimes people will have their dog out so I'll start a conversation about pets and tell them about my  charity group. We help elderly disabled low income folks keep their companion pet by taking pet food out monthly and do spay/neuter, etc when we have the funds.

Course you know what they say about garage-salers.  We usually have enough "junk" at home to do our own garage sale.  LOL   We are the ultimate recyclers.  ;)
Title: Re: Love garage sales
Post by: kimbo on May 23, 2009, 10:28:08 AM
WOW  Bucky, I just now read your bargain brags  :)  Proud of YOU !

I find it funny the different names of our thrifty shopping - Garage sales, rumage sales, flea markets, yard sales, Jumble sales !

I like what you said about recycling.  We can just get really hip and call it... being green.

I shop most all of my clothes in consignment shops. I think I may start calling it...... designer green wear.   ;D

Auctions - One time my hubby and I went to an auction on a rainy day. They were auctioning off a BC pack (buoyancy compensator) this is used in scuba diving,  very expensive scuba equipment. No one was bidding  on it, we got it for  20$ , went straight to a pawn shop with it, and got  100$. That was fun, this was pre-kids, so we went out and celebrated away with our profit.

Bucky , in our area you can rent space at flea markets, I wonder if you have a flea market in your area that you could rent space in for your bargains.



Title: Re: Love garage sales
Post by: rugratsalljoy on May 28, 2009, 01:46:17 PM
I love flea markets and thrift stores as well as e-bay and used items on!  Used to do the yard sales, but now cant seem to get up early enough on the weekends! ha ha! 

I love going into a thrift store and finding a pearl among ordinary stuff!  It makes my day!  I have been buying clothing for my kids and myself there for years and now my teenagers love the thrift shop too!  Especially since they are now using their own hard earned money to buy clothing, they love to find a great deal.  We like to go on "special days" when things are half priced or more and see who can find the best deal.  Just found a brand new easy chair/rocker/swivel  for my Mom for $15 at the Goodwill - wow what a deal and it is just beautiful.  Ebay is great for some nice deals too.  When I cant sleep at night, I look on ebay and bid on lots of clothes  for me and the kids and wow what deals you can find.  I got a lot of 43 items of clothing for my teen daughter for $40 and they were fantastic items - all very hip and in great shape.  Would have cost at least three times that at thrift store and at least six times that at discount store.  My daughter is in a lot of drama productions at school, and we love finding costumes at the thrift stores as well.  I think it is the thrill of discovery that is great when you find something really special and can make someone happy with your "find'.    Know what you mean when you say it makes your day Bucky!

The only danger is in bringing home too many "pearls" and ending up with clutter!!  Started a rule with myself that I must get rid of or donate an item for every new one I bring home!  That rule has really helped declutter the kids rooms!!
Happy bargain hunting!!!
Title: Re: Love garage sales
Post by: Bucky on May 29, 2009, 02:59:52 PM
Hi fellow bargain hunters  ;D

It was fun reading all your posts.  I agree April, one has to be careful of being caught up in the moment of great finds only to bring it home and create (in my case, ADD to) clutter.  There have been many times when I come across something that is so cheap that you feel you HAVE to buy it . . . but . . . do you NEED it????  Grrrrrrrrr - no, you don't "need" it and you walk away from it.   Sigh.

Today I came across a really pretty vase - 50c (I collect vases . . or, I use to . . not so much any more).  The part I DON'T like is when I got home and took the price sticker off the vase, low and behold, the sticker was covering a chip in the vase.   :(  Now that's just not right.  If I am selling something and there is something wrong with it, I make sure and point it out - not hide it.  So, here's a red rimmed vase with a white chipped area sticking out like a sore thumb!  I took a red marker and filled in the area and it doesn't look too bad now . . it just irks me though they were covering it up.  Oh well . . . . not going to lose sleep over 50c.   It's the principal of it though.

Chickpea - what ever happened to your doll?

This past week I sold one of my childhood dolls . . . sniff, sniff.  Since I don't have any girls and I really don't want to store this doll for another 10+ years until my son gets married and has a family one day, I listed it with a free newspaper ad and a doll dealer bought it.  Hopefully, she'll have a good home (my doll).   ;D  Actually, this lady has a booth at the antique mall near here, gonna go check it out one of these days and see if my doll is there (I bet it will be).

Chickpea, you asked about what your son can find in NY . . . I don't live there, but we do have that goes by states, towns and you can either sell / buy items, or find some for free.    I've never tried it, but I've heard of people who have and got some nice stuff.

Kimbo - I've thought about renting a table at a flea market . . but, I'm too chicken!  LOL  When I have a sale at my house I can have it in a confined area and I can keep an eye on stuff (unfortunately, some people are low enough to steal even from a garage sale).  Whereas at a flea market, there are too many people roaming all over the place.  Wanna meet me halfway and we'll set something up along the side of the road together??  LOL

I'm sure you all already know this, but just a gentle reminder.  IF you are EVEN thinking about purchasing an item at a sale, carry it around with you until you decide.  Most times there is only one item and once it's gone, it's gone!!!  If the item is too big to carry around, take the price sticker off and keep that with you.  I've done that before and beamed from ear to ear when someone asked about the item and I can pipe up and say "sorry, I've bought it!".  Hee hee   ;D  Now, I've missed a sale by a nanosecond before too . . . grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I've got to stop here or I will write a book . . I told ya, this is one of my favorite subjects.   ;D

Enjoy the hunt . . . .

Title: Re: Love garage sales
Post by: Poochie on June 01, 2009, 12:14:52 PM
Hi Bucky,
Yep, I love those sales also.  When my grandson was a pre-schooler (he's now a father of 3) I use to take him to yard sales.  When his Mom and Dad ask him what we did that day, he always said "Nana took me yard sailing".  To this day I always say I'm going "yard sailing".  :D  His love was books. 

We once found a ride on toy at a "Sidewalk Sale" in our small town.  It looks like a banana with red yarn hair on one end with big eyes and a handle where it's ears would be.  He named it "Ollie" and believe me for the $3 I paid for it, it has been used quite a lot in the past 20 some years.  His 3 have riden it, his cousins and their kids have riden it, and I have no doubt the other great grands will ride it when they come.  "Ollie's" hair has faded and he's not quite as yellow as he once was, but he still goes as fast as he ever did. :D  It's always the first thing they look for when they come.  ;D  Talk about a bargain!

My daughter and I are gearing up for a yard sale in July.  I'll let you know how it goes.  I'm hoping to get rid of lots of clutter.  Good stuff, but just to much. :D

Huggles, Pooh

Title: Re: Love garage sales
Post by: Bucky on June 01, 2009, 01:03:18 PM

Ahhhh yes, the beloved "Ollie".  We've had one of them too.  Ollie is great for the little ones to ride on - they can keep their feet planted on the ground and yet ride, ride, ride.   ;D

One of the favorites of my nephews and son has been the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe.  I thought my son would break the door off of it as he opened it,  got in, slammed the door, got out, slammed the door.  Repeat the process one hundred times in a row, day after day.   ::)   ;D  We actually let him ride the Coupe inside the house - he thought he was one cool dude!!  LOL (We bought it in the fall and let him keep it indoors during the winter months.)  Then when he would lay on the carpet with this "toolbox" beside him and "fix" the underside of the Coupe . . . ahhh, what precious memories of a toddler!!   ;D  ;D

We bought my sons L.T. Coupe at a sale for $12.  Too bad it didn't come with a odometer, I'm sure he must have racked up thousands and thousands of miles on it in the two years he owned it.  We turned around and sold it in our sale for $12.  He had his own set of wheels for two years for FREE!!  I think I loved that car more than he did.  LOL

I've already started pricing items for our sale in a couple of weeks.  It really takes a long time to get a sale together if you do it right.  I'm not real keen on the "throw everything into a box, put a colored dot on it (which you have to match up with a money amount chart posted clear across the garage), dig till you find what you're looking for kind of sale".  I don't like to have to dig.   >:(  I price e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, try and hang as much clothes as I can (putting a size separator between the sizes), take a damp rag and a little elbow grease on any items needing it.   

How long do you usually have a sale?  I usually try and have it AT LEAST two days, maybe three . . . depends.  After 2 p.m. things really slow down and some times I close up.  Other times I keep running in the house between customers so those getting off work can catch a bargain too.  They say the most important thing about a sale is:  location, location, location.  Well, I'm out in a rural area - not the best location . . . but, our road is a shortcut from one town to another so we do get a fair amount of car traffic.  I've had 80 cars in and out of our drive in a 3-day sale before.  Too bad all 80 didn't buy something!!!   ::)  LOL

Pooh, every time I am at a sale and see a crockpot I think of you.  (Those of you who are newbies, I'm not calling Pooh names . . . LOL . . . . she had a crockpot once that gave up the ghost and was on a hunt to find another.)   ;D

Happy hunting . . . .

Title: Re: Love garage sales
Post by: Poochie on June 01, 2009, 04:05:27 PM
Ah yes, the crockpot.  I finally found one and I love it.  It comes in handy when making those barbeque receipes.  The meats can be the cheap kind and they still come out wonderful. 

The yard sale I'm preparing for is our annual road long sale.  All of those on our road (I too am in a rural area) who want to join in pay $2 to the person who volunteers to chair it and that person uses the money for newspaper ads and posters.  It usually runs Friday afternoon 12 - 5 P.M., Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 12 until everyone gets tired or the people stop coming.

It's set for the weekend after the 4th celebration, so I'm getting things priced and gathered together in groups.  I'm praying for good weather, some of the things I'm trying to thin out won't stand up in the rain.  I am thinning out my Teddy Bear collection.  All are collector bears, not for children.  I have over 300 and they are beginning to take over the house.  :D :D Literally!  they occupy all the chairs, beds and hang on every knob in the house.  The only room without a bear is the "Neccessary Room" and hubby says "the only thing bare in that room will be behinds".   ;D  I tried one once and found it sitting against the wall by the bathroom door.  :D

Take care and enjoy the sale.  Let me know how you make out with it.  I'll do the same.

Huggles, Pooh
Title: Re: Love garage sales
Post by: Katybarstool on June 02, 2009, 07:16:20 AM

Love your husband's sense of humour.

Title: Re: Love garage sales
Post by: Pisces24 on July 04, 2009, 06:52:28 AM
I had to have a new patio door put in my house (got a good one installed at a good price - not from the ones who thought I was Santa Claus or had blonde roots "sorry blondes"). I needed to get a curtain for it as I had those durn vertical blinds where a couple slats had broken. Why they even sell those worthless cheap things is beyond me.

Anyway, I looked in the stores and got a real shock on curtain prices. Wow! So I started looking at garage sales thinking maybe I could "jerry rig" something together. Well I found a pair of sheer type curtains that fit perfectly for $1. Boy was I happy!   I also found a new bread machine (used twice as she got a bigger one) for $10 so I am going to hear how to do homemade healthy bread too.
Title: Re: Love garage sales
Post by: Poochie on July 04, 2009, 11:01:15 AM
Well our annual Road long Yard Sale is going on without me this year.  :( This vertigo is just to much for me. :-\  I did manage to get some of the larger pieces out to my next door neighbor.  She said she would handle them for me.

I'm sitting in my chair by the window sulking. :D  No, not really.  Considering it's the 4th, it's been quite busy out there. 

Hubby said he will help me in September if I still want to do it.  Maybe by then this vertigo will have gone.  I hope, I hope, I hope.  ::)

Take care all and have a great summer,

Title: Re: Love garage sales
Post by: Bucky on July 04, 2009, 01:15:45 PM
Pisces24 - good deal on your curtain find.  Yay!  I've been looking for a pair of yellow panels - can't find them.  :(  If I was handy with a sewing machine, I could make them, but I'm not.  :(  I see a lot of bread machines in sales.  I've thought about getting one (actually, my Mom had one she just HAD to have, used it once!) - but figured I'd be eating too much bread.  Enjoy yours!!  Nothing smells better than fresh, homemade bread.  :)

Awww Pooh . . . sorry to hear you won't be participating in the neighborhood sale.  :(    They had the sale today??  I thought it was AFTER the 4th?  Wish I lived near you, I would be happy to hold it for you.   ;D  What does the doc say about your vertigo? 

For your collection of bears, I would go the E-bay route, or take a classified ad out in the newspaper.  Not sure you would very much for them at a garage sale.

Today would NOT be a good day for a sale - it has rained ALL day.  :(

I just finished up a 3-day sale yesterday.  We had 80 cars in and out of our driveway (I keep track of the cars on an index card so I know when the "busy" time of day is . . it's 10-12.  ;D).  We made just over $400, so we were pleased.   :D  Now to dismantle everything . . ugh. 

Our three kittens were adopted during the sale.   ;D  I feel sorry for their mother, Spooky, she's been calling them and looking for them.  :(

My son and I might be going to WI one day this coming week, we might just check out sales along the way.   ;D

Continue the hunt . . . share your finds.   ;D

Title: Re: Love garage sales
Post by: Poochie on July 05, 2009, 09:38:23 PM
Yes, Bucky we had a couple people on the road who couldn't be here next weekend, so we all decided to go for this weekend.  As it turned out everyone had a great time and made quite a bit of money, me included.  My neighbor handed me $100.00 for the couple of big items we set over on her property.  Washer and Dryer almost new, a rocker and small plant stand.  I handed $25 back to her for taking care of it for me. 

The washer and dryer we replaced with a front loader and stacked dryer in the garage.  I just can't do the basement stairs anymore and the front loader doesn't use as much water as the top loader.  Being in the country, we try to conserve water and our septic systems.

I have tried to sell the bears on E-Bay and local paper ads, but I live almost at the back door of Boyd's Bears Barn in Gettysburg.  I think everyone in PA has bears now.   ;D  They are wonderful pets.  They don't eat, need bathing or cleaning up after.  :D I just have to many and I'm starting to give as gifts to friends.  Only if I know they will have good homes. 

My daughter and I are going to have our own yard sale in September, so I'll just keep the boxes stacked in the basement until then.
Title: Re: Love garage sales
Post by: salsen on July 10, 2009, 03:51:30 PM
My daughter and I are having one tomorrow.  Where did all this stuff come from and I can't believe how much was crammed and hidden away!  Now my daughter has brought a load over this morning and my living room is covered with stuff.  I'm off to my sister's to borrow another folding table.  We are low balling everything so it can all disappear.  I am not even going to mention the things we are tossing because I refuse to put really worn out stuff out. 

When did I become such a pack rat.  Must be when the energy started to slip.  Maybe after tomorrow I can find my floor again.
Title: Re: Love garage sales
Post by: Bucky on July 10, 2009, 06:06:47 PM
Pooh, Glad you were able to make some money in the sale.  :)    I have one of those front loading washers too . . . I love mine!!    ;D

Salsen - good luck with your sale tomorrow.  I still haven't taken all my stuff down from my sale of last week . . . can I bring my stuff over too???  LOL  What you could do with the really worn out stuff is put them in a bag and put "FREE - RAGS" on them . . who knows, maybe someone can find a use for them in their garage, drying their car, etc.

It's amazing how quickly things can accumulate in our homes.  I know for myself, we have more "stuff" than we need.   :o

On the way home tonight I noticed a sale at a house that I went to several years ago where I got these leather ankle boots (new) for 50c!!!  I'm heading to this sale first thing in the morning!!!  I have worn and worn those boots, so much so, that the soles are cracked and it would cost too much to have them resoled.   :'(  I'm going to take the boots with me and ask them where they got them from.  (They have horses, and I figure this was something they used for horse shows.)  Maybe, just maybe, they'll have some more boots for me.   ;D

If you all are hitting the garage sale trail this weekend or having a sale of your own . . . GOOD LUCK!!! 

If Lucy can be the popsicle queen, I get to be the garage sale queen  ;D   ;D
Title: Re: Love garage sales
Post by: kimbo on July 11, 2009, 07:41:13 PM
Bucky, I here by crown you though I am not authorized too........ ;D

Second hand, great authority and guru of all junk and Garage sale.... Queen.

QUEEN BUCKEY of garage sale kingdom