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Title: I Guess You Could Say Its a Small World in this Case...
Post by: SeaBreeze on January 21, 2009, 01:21:03 PM
I was very impressed (and concerned) when after my heart attack my cardiologist and GP ordered a cardiac inflammation panel; homocyestine, BNP, sed, c-rp and a couple other tests. There is a chance that this heart attack was hastened by the mctd; sle/SjS and raynauds.

Today I think I found out why there was so much interest.. Yesterday at cardiac rehab I mentioned to another patient (female and a little younger)  that my fingers were killing me and said I have Raynauds and its so cold out.. after comparing war stories, we both have MCTD, sle, SjS, too.
We have the same cardiologist and we had our heart attacks within a week of each other.  She had the same 'cardiac inflammation panel' done on her blood and she told me the cardiologist had discussed the same concerns about the correlation between cardiac disease and AI's... She too had quite a long conversation and another very detailed history taken by him..

Individually we were sure to be just two women who had heart attacks, and just happen to have a collection of AI's.. But put our stories together and we've sparked considerable interest on the subject of a possible connection... we may never know the answer but we've certainly opened some eyes... I guess you could say it 'is' a small world...