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Title: Doctor info on Vitamin D/hyperparathyroid
Post by: kathylee on August 24, 2008, 11:12:14 AM
Wanted to share this with those having vitamin D deficiency problems like I did. Info like this is not always easy to find. My myasthenia gravis message board friend shared this because they have been having a hot discussion on the D subject lately.
I wrote under the other vitamin D thread about how the parathyroid gets activated when vit D gets low. In my study there is debate about when this happens. Doctor in major medical text on chronic fatigue said 30.


The following is a description of some of the neuromuscular symptoms of
hyperparathyroidism from Endocrine Surgery of the Head and Neck By Phillip
K. Pellitteri, Thomas V. McCaffrey. Interestingly a vitamin D deficiency is
common with excessive parathyroid hormone. While they are testing you might
ask them to test your calcium and parathyroid (PTH) level.

"Neuromuscular manifestations have been reported in up to 70%-80% of certain
study populations. There maybe sensory abnormalities involving decreased
vibration of the feet, glove and stocking diminished pain sensation, or
hyperpathic sensitivity to stimuli. Cranial nerve abnormalities could result
in abnormal tongue movements (tremors), glossal atrophy, hoarseness,
diplopia, decreased hearing, dysphagia, or anosmia. Respiratory muscle
weakness has been described, with one reported death from respiratory
failure attributed to PHPT [hyperparathyroidism]. Easy fatigability and
proximal muscle weakness, lower extremity involvement preceding and more
severe than upper extremity is common and often associated with aches, pains
and sensation of heaviness. These may progress to muscle atrophy confirmed
on muscle biopsy, with abnormal electromyographic findings but normal motor
nerve conduction velocities."