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Title: could a heart murmur really be a heart block?
Post by: whatsup on July 14, 2008, 08:56:30 PM

I have 2 little girls, 4 and 2, and both have heart murmurs.  I was unaware of my sjogrens at the time I was pregnant.  Now I'm worried that the heart murmurs might actually be congenital heart block.  The pediatricain at my last visit some time ago said they should outgrow the murmurs but haven't to date.  I intend to ask him at our next visit but wondered if anyone might have someinsight into this?

Title: Re: could a heart murmur really be a heart block?
Post by: Pooh on July 14, 2008, 10:05:03 PM
I'm sorry to hear about your girls, but I must tell you that the pediatrician's told me the same thing when my daughter was born.  They said her heart murmur would go away as she grew up.  Well, she is 45 and still has it.  I had one when I was born and I still have mine. 

Please talk to your doctor's about this and tell them about the concerns you have.  Neither my daughter or I have ever had a problem with the heart murmurs, but the doctor's that examine us, always make a point of asking "Did you know you have a heart murmur?"  Just once I've been tempted to respond "No...............really? Well, how about that." ;D

Don't go worrying about your girls, just talk to their doctor.  I'm sure they are fine. 

Hugs, Pooh
Title: Re: could a heart murmur really be a heart block?
Post by: Linda196 on July 15, 2008, 04:26:45 AM
Whatsup, I wanted to reassure you that a murmur is a mechanical problem, caused by one of the heart valves either not closing tightly or not opening completely during a beat. Heart block is a problem with the electrical conduction of the impulses in the heart that make it beat and relax. The two aren't related.

I was born with a murmur, which had almost resolved when I was 5 and developed Rheumatic Fever...leaving me with either a new, or an enhanced murmur. It has lessened over the years, from a grade 4 in childhood to about 1 or 2 now, and usually only audible to a cardiologist. For some reason, when I have a fever it becomes more pronounced. It has never caused me any problems.

The reason that many children apparently outgrow these things is that sometimes the valves are slightly too large at birth and the heart "grows into" them. Also, in infants, the heart circulates differently in a fetus, bypassing the lungs through a small vessel (ductus) that connects the pulmonary artery to the aorta. This connection closes after birth (in almost all cases), but can apparently cause a murmur until it does so. If the ductus isn't closed by age 2 or 3, there would be more symptoms than the murmur, so I'm sure your pediatrician is keeping an eye on your girls.

Title: Re: could a heart murmur really be a heart block?
Post by: Patze on July 15, 2008, 04:27:51 AM
Hi Whatsup,

I also have one and I don't know if I developed one over the years or I've had it since birth (long story); and like Pooh, my child's pediatrician said the same thing when they "discovered" kidlet's.  Nope, kidlet still has it and is a healthy 20 something.  Kidlet has been stable for years and the cardiologist isn't worried about it (there are some other issues as well), and please see the pediatrician if you have concerns.

Take care -