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Title: anyone doing home schooling
Post by: meirish on September 02, 2020, 08:45:03 PM
My DIL's sister will have home schooled 4 kids when the last one graduates. She swears by it. Said she was scared to death when she started but wouldn't trade. She gave me the name of the Christian based company she uses. I looked up some books and my goodness, made me want to go back and home school by kids. So much info in just one history series. Interestingly enough the cvolleges are seeming to like the home schooled kids.

She said that one can vary the lessons and make room for visiting relatives, tours of factories or other activities that a bunch of home school moms set up together. They still do sports at their town schools. Some of the private or charter schools will accept the home schooled kids into their sports programs also. It is amazing how the amount of people home schooling has gone up for this school year. meirish
Title: Re: anyone doing home schooling
Post by: MarieB on October 11, 2020, 03:44:22 PM
My grandson is 5 and in kindergarten.  My daughter in law is an elementary school teacher but is staying home with their second child.  So it's working out nicely.  There is a program at the school for those that want to stay home due to covid.  She made him a wonderful corner with computer screen, books, papers, etc.  I know she could home school him easily but he loves school so they are hoping if the covid cases here in So. Texas go down, he can return to a regular classroom. 
Title: Re: anyone doing home schooling
Post by: meirish on October 11, 2020, 10:56:11 PM
Home schooling isn't for everyone. I know people who have chosen to send one of their kids to the public school because they are such social creatures and do better with more people in their lives. It is all a decision that everyone has to make according to their families needs.

I know that I loved school and would never have home schooled my own kids because I needed to work and would not have been able to swing the work and home schooling. But, now, at my age I would love to home school as the lessons are so great and the amount of information out there is improved. I am also older and smarter and have more confidence in myself...things that are the advantage of age. However, energy seems leave as the years go by so it all evens out in the end. My humble opinion. Take care. meirish