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Title: It's Monday 3/16. How is everyone dealing with virus threat?
Post by: rudytudy1 on March 16, 2020, 03:43:04 AM
Good morning all.   What's the latest with everyone with where you live or your family situation dealing with the virus threat? 
Title: Re: It's Monday 3/16. How is everyone dealing with virus threat?
Post by: Carolina on March 16, 2020, 06:28:30 AM
I'm in self-isolation, since March 12.  We live in a Senior Community.

I stay in our apartment.  My husband is here and goes down to the dining room to bring me meals. He also picks up RXs and stuff. (If he gets sick, of course, so will I, but what can I do?).

I do go out after 9 pm down to the fitness center to exercise for an hour, wiping everything down as I go, including elevator buttons.

No one is out at that hour, so I am all alone except for the receptionist at the front desk.  I wave from 10 feet away.

I'm even cancelling non-vital doctors appointments.  And no hair cuts and manicures, for the next three months. 

Will three months be long enough?  Who knows. 

Regards, Elaine

Title: Re: It's Monday 3/16. How is everyone dealing with virus threat?
Post by: araminta on March 16, 2020, 07:23:45 AM
I'm in the UK, I went to do our weekly shop this morning, I would say the shelves were two-thirds empty, and there were far fewer people walking around.   It seems you can't get a time slot for home delivery within several weeks.

My main worry is my 93 year old mother.who is in a nursing home.   It is still open to visitors but I guess that may change in the next week or so.

I heard from a friend that the hospital where her daughter works has had all the hand sanitisers wrenched off the walls, all the toilet paper stolen, and even a delivery of surgeons' face masks had been taken.   Charming.

My brother-in-law is considering cancelling his wedding in May, as there will be several guests in their eighties.
Title: Re: It's Monday 3/16. How is everyone dealing with virus threat?
Post by: Deb 27 on March 16, 2020, 08:21:23 AM
Since I have diabetes and asthma, I am staying away from stores and restaurants. I live in a small town and currently we do not have delivery for groceries so my husband has to go to the grocery store. As of today, we don't have any cases in our county. I am sure it's just a matter of time.  I think if people would stay strong and isolate, this thing will get over much faster and affect fewer people. I am trying to do some things around the house that are long overdue like cleaning up spare bedrooms, cleaning closets and drawers. Luckily, we can still go for bike rides and to the beach and enjoy the outdoors!!!!

Title: Re: It's Monday 3/16. How is everyone dealing with virus threat?
Post by: Carebear on March 16, 2020, 08:23:44 AM
I live in western Canada. It's dizzying how rapidly things have changed on the last 48 hours. 

All schools, K-12 and universities, are closed indefinitely.  We were last told they may not open until September at the earliest but it's too early to say.  All licensed daycares are closed. They are preparing to check all hospital visitors for fever and symptoms before being allowed to enter.

Several stores are reducing their hours now too, but that makes sense because no one is shopping and the staff need to be kept safe too.  All recreation centers and attractions are closed indefinitely.

You can't find toilet paper anyway, but most other things are well stocked.  We're fine here because being raised by children from the Depression, I am always prepared for at least a couple months.

Personally,  I will not be leaving the house unless I go for a walk or need to pick up essentials.  We will be relying on deliveries wherever possible. My spouse is working in healthcare and may expect to be redeployed sooner rather than later.

I have family in both education and healthcare so it is hitting close to home. I am more concerned about them right now than myself.
Title: Re: It's Monday 3/16. How is everyone dealing with virus threat?
Post by: Scottietottie on March 16, 2020, 05:32:31 PM
Hi  :)

I'm in the UK. Boris says that the Gov. will soon be telling the over seventies to stay indoors for 4 months. My husband is over 70. He does all the driving. no kids live near. we will be going food shopping regardless  of what the government says.
  We'll keep our distance from people - no bars - no theatre - no meals out - but we don't do much of that anyway.

Stress is no good for autoimmune stuff. My attitude is kinda whatever will be will be.

Take care - Scottie  :)
Title: Re: It's Monday 3/16. How is everyone dealing with virus threat?
Post by: ohiolady on March 16, 2020, 05:32:39 PM
I am in Florida and in our particular county no cases yet.  In the last eight days we have been to the store twice. We are going tomorrow hoping to get enough to last for awhile. We have a pool and have nice walking areas in our neighborhood.

We have no plans to go anywhere except the grocery store.

Stay safe everyone! I am hoping we get thru this sooner rather than later.

Title: Re: It's Monday 3/16. How is everyone dealing with virus threat?
Post by: Carolina on March 16, 2020, 08:46:38 PM
Our dining room at the Senior Community is now closed....meals are delivered to our door.

Assisted Living and Memory allow no resident to leave the bldg, and only 'end of life' and emergency personnel' can enter. NO family..

In Independent Living, where I am, residents can leave the bldg, and those who drive can go who knows where?    Which is why I'm in self isolation.

I hope my infusion nurse will be allowed to come into the bldg. to administer my IVIG every 4 weeks, assuming I still have it delivered?  Will to donors keep going to the donation sites (actually they sell their blood since it has to be really 'clean' and they donate regularly)??

Exercising for 90 minutes at 9 pm every night, with nary a soul in sight, and wipes in both hands at all times, is the only thing keeping me sane.

There will be no housekeeping for our apartments, which we usually have weekly.

I wonder what the housekeeping staff is doing?  And the dining room staff?. I guess they are disinfecting hall rails, elevators, bath rooms, etc.  And delivering meals.  Dunno.  I don't answer the door if any knocks, and I need to put out a sign about that.  My husband does if he's here, of course.  And then I go into another room.

In the meantime our entire savings is just melting away.  Almost 13% of our savings are gone in one week.  Fortunately my husband's savings (the larger amount) are conservatively invested or the loss would be much higher.   My portfolio is down 19%.

It seems surreal, really. 

France is locking down everyone.  A Centralized Government makes these decisions for the entire country.  My son's base is in Paris, but they just bought a vacation/retirement house on the Brittany coast, and he and is wife are there.  Their kids are stuck in the Paris apartment and cannot leave to join them in Brittany, at least for two weeks.

I just don't see how groceries are being produced, and shipped?  I keep thinking about farms, and places that bake bread and such?  Or drug producers, unless they're all in China?  Ships bringing stuff in?  Planes aren't flying and they transport a LOT of stuff.

Oh, well, I guess we'll find out how things work or don't work.

Regards, Elaine
Title: Re: It's Monday 3/16. How is everyone dealing with virus threat?
Post by: susanep on March 17, 2020, 01:30:57 AM
Me and my husband live in a small town in TN. We don't have any with the virus that we know of yet.

I am going to the local doctor Wednesday.
We stay home except for food, doctors, and pharmacy.

We have both had more aches and pains than usual, and I think some of it is the overwhelming info on this virus, and trying to process it all.

We have some extra food and cleaning supplies.

We are trying to live in faith not fear.
Title: Re: It's Monday 3/16. How is everyone dealing with virus threat?
Post by: Linda196 on March 17, 2020, 03:55:31 AM
Hubby and I are sort of loners anyway (more him than me, but whatever  ;) ) so our weekly trip to town for supplies can easily become biweekly or monthly, and we usually have plenty of stock on hand. We keep an eye on the status of local shops and plan accordingly. Many local box stores and grocery stores have instituted "seniors" shopping hours, a 2 or 4 hour selected time period in which seniors and vulnerable population are given dedicated access, to ensure that they can shop undisturbed in smaller numbers, and still find the supplies they need. Before I do go shopping, I do a quick canvas of the neighbourhood, and take lists from as many households as I can, to reduce the numbers of people who actually go to the stores.

Social distancing is becoming a real thing. No handshakes or hugs, and it's kind of funny to see people calculating in their heads just how far 2 M is from someone.

We had just seen our family doctor a week or so before the restrictions started, and I understand that, although still open, his office is limiting appointments so that there aren't more than 2 patients in at one time, and he will talk to people on the phone to see if he can handle issues remotely or has to see them. Other than that, if we do need medical appointments, we will simply follow the guidelines of that particular office.

All public gatherings are suspended, so kids and everyone who can work from home, are home, and the streets and shops look like ghost towns. Most places that are still open are placing sanitizer stands by each check out, and I've noticed many cashiers don't handle cash without gloves, or cards at all, asking customers to place the card in the machines or scan them themselves.

Hospitals, nursing homes and residential facilities have limited visiting. In one very unfortunate case, a visitor to a veterans residence blatantly violated the government imposed rule about self isolation for 14 days following an international visit, and as a result that facility has been locked down, absolutely NO visitors, and the staff is living onsite for 2 weeks! We are very serious about protecting our elderly. The visitor has been placed in supervised isolation for the two week period as well, while ranting about his rights, From what I understand, the rest of his travel party has been isolated since their return without problems.

Our province had one case last week, an international traveler who self isolated automatically but was screened when she showed symptoms. Over a week, that one case has expanded to 7 last night (probably more this morning) all of whom had had contact with the first one either on the trip or after her return. None are hospitalized as yet.

My work history involved high risk for contamination due to the patients I saw so Universal precautions and PPE (personal protective equipment) are second nature to me, although sometimes I find it difficult to limit handwashing to only 20 seconds, I'm used to 30 seconds!
Title: Re: It's Monday 3/16. How is everyone dealing with virus threat?
Post by: irish on March 17, 2020, 09:42:05 PM
I don't have much exciting except that the first person with coronavirus was found last week. That made it much easier for them to close the schools in our area. Thankfully there are no small kids in the family anymore. Don't know how they will handle credits if school is closed through May. I have a grandson graduating so this could get interesting.

The co-op I live in has just closed the building to visitors and canceled the monthly meals and weekly coffees. This is a small apartment building so it won't be much of a problem was no "crowds" occur. I will not be going to the library anymore. Have to go out of town now for my liquid meds such as eyedrops, inhalers, etc but otherwise they can mail them to me. Can also shop for groceries at the same place so that is handy. I have the mask and gloves so will make quick trips.

It will be interesting keeping busy. I have always been able to entertain myself  and keep busy with crocheting a little, reading, computer, phone info. I can also walk 9 steps to my car and go fork a ride and stop at the drive thru at DQ and McDonalds. None of us know what will happen to the businesses that we frequent as we are all left at the mercy of the virus.

I wish all of you a safe spring and summer as we all deal with this strange virus. It surely has different characteristics than the flu we know. Take care all. Irish

Title: Re: It's Monday 3/16. How is everyone dealing with virus threat?
Post by: Carebear on March 18, 2020, 08:25:53 AM
Wow. So much has changed here again in the last 48 hours. The important thing for all of us, is that we stay calm and support on another.  I live in a small condo complex and we are all looking out for each other, picking up groceries or medication for those unable to get out.

So now we have many, many changes. All restaurants, coffee shops and bars are closed indefinitely.  Takeout and delivery are still allowed, even alcohol if you can believe it! 

No gatherings over 50 are allowed.  That means that services including weddings and funerals will be postponed. 

Last week, a dental conference was held in Vancouver with 15,00 in attendance.  To date, 6 people from that conference have tested positive in our province.  Yesterday, all nonemergency dental services and treatments in the province are canceled.  I had an April appointment and can you believe that I am sad about missing this?

All elective surgeries in the province are canceled.

Public transit has been significantly reduced because ridership is down. No students, people working from home.  They are still working out the best balance between safety for passengers and economics.

Hair salons and all retail stores are closed. Grocery stores and pharmacies remain open.

We still have mail delivery which means I get to read my junk every day. Our biweekly newspaper is expected today.  Fingers crossed we get it because it is important we have a local perspective on everything.

As they have said - Stay Calm and Wash your Hands.
Title: Re: It's Monday 3/16. How is everyone dealing with virus threat?
Post by: Linda196 on March 19, 2020, 03:22:08 AM
Sounds very much like our restrictions, Carebear, which makes sense, provincial decisions are being guided by federal ones overall. Elective surgeries and outpatient clinics are all postponed, and doctor's offices are screening before entry and offering virtual appointments when possible. Non-emergent dental services are closed.

 Public transit is still operational at this time, but offered free, and riders are asked to use the rear bus doors, bypassing the drivers, and seats have been blocked in strategic patterns to impose social distancing.

Small business and services are really going to suffer through and after this crisis. One way of helping I've found, is buying gift certificates for services like hair styling and aesthetic services that we may be missing, and use them for our regular routines when the restrictions lift, enabling some cash flow for the independent providers. The gal who does my foot care was very pleased when i offered, and made everything happen via email. Local independent restaurants are in the same boat,and if its a place you frequent, a gift certificate instead of your usual "date night" now can be used when we are turned loose, eventually.

Lots of local people have started new online social groups just to "have coffee" with friends every day, very much like our Thursday evening chats. There are various platforms available. Many zoos, museums and art galleries are offering free virtual tours. one of my favourite new things is the local "help groups" I'm seeing on Facebook. Groups where someone who's is able to be out posts that they are going to a particular shop or generally shopping, and asks if anyone needs anything they can pick up and drop off. I've seen people post desperately that they are out of a necessity but cant get out, and within minutes someone will answer saying they are on the way to the grocery store and will drop the item off in a couple of hours. No one seems worried about reimbursement either, if you have the ability to e-transfer, that works, but to be honest no one is taking cash from someone on isolation, even self imposed protective!

Speaking of Thursday evening, we will remain open for the duration for our scheduled chats, and the chat room is always available if you felt like dropping in to see if anyone is around, or arranging to meet someone from here at a specific time.
Title: Re: It's Monday 3/16. How is everyone dealing with virus threat?
Post by: Bucky on March 19, 2020, 10:46:13 AM
Who would have thought back as we ushered in the New Year 79 days ago that the world would be turned upside down so quickly in a matter of weeks!

Here in Central IL many businesses are closed and employees who are able to, are working from home.

I work for a company that includes a restaurant, banquet facility and a golf course.  The restaurant/banquet is closed down.  We're still able to run the golf end of the business (at least as of right this minute), but the weather hasn't been cooperating, so we're pretty much at a stand still right now.   :-X  My work schedule has been reduced down to one day a week to keep up on entering invoices and getting the mail and doing the banking for what little income we are getting.  They say we can apply for temporary unemployment which I am looking into.

I feel sorry for the couples who had wedding receptions planned in two weeks who are now scrambling to re-schedule their wedding or whatever plans they are looking into for the situation right now.  I have the capability to view our company event calendar at home, and I see that at least one of our brides has rescheduled their reception from April to late May.  This will be a test for their marriage to see how they weather the ups and downs that come with daily life.  I wish them all the best!

I prefer to be a homebody during "normal" circumstances, so being at home now isn't really any different for me - other than the fact that I don't run errands like I use to.  As of today, my husband will be working from home once his company has all the details worked out.  He'll go to his sisters house to use their high-speed internet as ours at home (in a rural area) probably won't work for him.  (at least that will get him outta my hair for a little bit . . .  ;D ).

Whenever I see a quote I like, I write it down (I have many notebooks with them written in) - so, here's a quote of the day for you:  "Be the person that makes others feel special.  Be known for your kindness and grace". 

Wishing all of you a safe, healthy time as we all deal with a lot of unknowns that we've never experienced before.  Be well and look for the positives sprinkled in each day and don't let the news bring you down.

Title: Re: It's Monday 3/16. How is everyone dealing with virus threat?
Post by: araminta on March 22, 2020, 08:39:24 AM
Things have got more stringent here in the UK.

My mother's care home has been closed to visitors for the past four days.   Supermarkets now have special priority shopping times for the elderly and for NHS staff.   All pubs. restaurants and many other public venues have been asked to close.

A lot of people are working from home  or have been sent home, and over 70's are being asked to stay indoors.   Schools are closed except for vulnerable children or children of key workers who cannot be at home to look after them.

Doctors and nurses are complaining that the protective clothing they have been given is wholly inadequate.
Title: Re: It's Monday 3/16. How is everyone dealing with virus threat?
Post by: Linda196 on March 22, 2020, 08:51:49 PM
Later the same day I posted last, our province instituted a state of emergency, reinforcing the restrictions and making it possible to enforce them when necessary with legal action.

Any returning travelers are screened at the provincial or international border, and given printed rules to follow, including a clear statement that, once within the boundaries of this province they are on 14 days self isolation, and are not to stop for supplies or anything else between the border and immigration building and their own home or face fines of up to $1000 per infraction. Someone has to shop for their supplies and drop them off to them. They are then required to self monitor daily and report any symptoms immediately.

A rapidly developing form of socializing is "drive by waves", just what it sounds like, car pulls up in front, sounds the horn, people exchange waves or shouted greetings between car and front door, and then they are on their way again! There are also neighbourhood egg hunts and bear hunts, with those things placed in windows for children to observe and count as they are taken for neighbourhood walks or drives; house to car, circle the area, no stops and home again. Reminds me of a childhood game; Mom would send us out to walk around the block (as young as 5 or 6  on our own!) and tell us to count the number of red things we saw in front yards, or the number of black house numbers, flower boxes or garden reflecting globes; I realize now it was anything she could think of to get us out for a bit LOL.

After no increase in the number of cases for 3 days, we had 6 new reports on one day, all of which were returning travelers or direct contacts with existing cases, and many of them had already been following isolation protocols. It was also a predicted spike, based on the time of the last cruise guests returning.

Our neighbouring provinces have also declared states of emergency, and travel between provinces , except for essential traffic to maintain supply lines and for emergencies, has been stopped, or drastically reduced, and now includes mandatory 14 day self isolation, just like international travel.

We remain well, and still finding things to do, but the increasingly nice weather is making it worse; you can only walk and explore so far on your own property, even if it is near the woods and in a beautiful, natural part of the world! One local natural trail had to be cleared by police, because even with physical distancing and responsible hikers, there were just too many people out there! The trails are narrow and winding, so if you catch up with someone, you can't get by and still maintain a buffer zone; so "Stay.At.Home" is becoming our new motto!
Title: Re: It's Monday 3/16. How is everyone dealing with virus threat?
Post by: Kathy57 on March 22, 2020, 11:37:54 PM
Who would have thought that this would happen?  I remember Ebola and SARS but they seemed too far away to have an impact on me.  Global Pandemic!  Covid19 has shown itself to be able to spread far and rapidly😱

I live in Northwestern Illinois and my city is right on the Mighty Mississippi.  I am a nurse but I basically retired last year in February.  I?m 62 and my husband is 65 with stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer, and so I guess that means that both of us is high risk.  All I take is Plaquinil and Evoxac for my Sjogrens so I don?t know if I can be considered immunocompromised.  I do use a steroid nasal rinse and that can predispose to infection.

We babysit our grandkids usually a couple times per week, but our kids are not letting us do that for now which makes me sad.  We FaceTime with them and call them.  I send them little things through Amazon as a surprise for them every once in awhile.  I?ll be so glad when this is all over cause I LOVE to hug and kiss my grandkids😍🥰.

My one daughter has told me that she would get our groceries for us but I just tell her that I have everything I need.  I?ve been making a detailed list for when I go and get stuff to stock up on so I will make less trips.  My goal is to have more than enough to last three weeks.  I have a face mask and gloves which I plan on using the next time I pick up supplies. 

I?ve made three different types of home made soups and have frozen half of all of them in case I don?t feel like cooking or one of us gets under the weather.  I?ve stocked up on canned and frozen goods.  My husband picks up our prescriptions through the drive through pickup.

I feel like I?m in some kind of plague movie that needs to get over with sooner rather than later!😷. I had to skip my nails and hair appointment and I?m wondering just how many I will have to miss?  I will look a fright by the time I do get in😱. I worry for peoples? jobs and I worry for my family. 

We were planning on taking a whole family trip - all the kids and all the grandkids - this June at Estes Park in Colorado.  We have rented a beautiful big cabin with five bedrooms and four baths, and a game room, that is right on the Big Thompson river and on the other side is Rocky Mountain National Park.  Now I have a bad feeling that we may have to cancel it, but we have until April 7th to cancel and get our down payment back.

What do you think?  Well, we will eventually find out.   But first we have to make it through the Quarantine.

I?m praying that we all can make it through this with minimal issues.  Take care and at least we are all in this together.  Stay safe and well.

Title: Our life during the coronavirus
Post by: susanep on March 23, 2020, 04:36:36 PM
 We live in East TN. Since I last posted, we have at least 2 confirmed cases of the virus in our rural county. Our schools are closed, only drive through for the restaurants. We stay home except
for the pharmacy, doctor, and groceries with taking precautions.  The nursing homes closed , and all non essential areas.

We don't get out frequently anyway, so being more isolated doesn't bother us. We just pray for people to be healthy and safe.  :)

Title: Re: It's Monday 3/16. How is everyone dealing with virus threat?
Post by: Bucky on March 27, 2020, 10:35:26 AM
Another day  . . . which is a good thing!  One has to really look at the calendar now to know what the date is and what day of the week it is!

Since my last post on this thread the company I work for has completely shut down.  We all sit in limbo waiting for the news that everything can resume again.

I am not working at all right now and have signed up for unemployment (along with millions of others).  Thankful that my husband and son are still working.

When I was at the grocery store the other day the shelves aren't quite as empty as they were last week and there actually WAS some toilet paper on the shelf!!  :o

The only thing I can think of that we don't have right now that I haven't been able to find anywhere is a thermometer.  The one we do have is 25 yrs. old and not working properly.  Hoping we won't need to use one.  The gal at Walmart said to get to the store first thing when they open as they sell out of them quickly.

Today, I've been making phone calls to relatives in other states checking in on them.  All of the ones I'm calling live by themselves and appreciate being thought of and the time chatting and catching up.

Wishing you all health and well being as we're all in this together.

Take care,
Title: Re: It's Monday 3/16. How is everyone dealing with virus threat?
Post by: Douglas on March 28, 2020, 11:35:32 AM

Sj?gren?s patients have compromised immune systems. This specific risk factor is for those who regularly take drugs to suppress the immune system. Examples include prednisone, methylprednisolone, Imuran, azathioprine, methotrexate, leflunomide, Arava, CellCept, mycophenolate, Rituxan, cyclophosphamide.

Please note that hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) does NOT suppress your immune system and does not increase any risk for a more serious illness from COVID-19. However all Sj?gren?s patients should still be diligent and be tested if symptoms become present.

That answers some questions.
Title: Re: It's Monday 3/16. How is everyone dealing with virus threat?
Post by: araminta on April 06, 2020, 01:18:54 PM
Today the supermarket shelves were crammed with toilet rolls.   Nobody was buying them, as by now we've all got cupboards, lofts and cellars overflowing with them.

We had to queue outside the shop at 2m intervals, and only a limited number of people were allowed in at a time.   I was excited to find some eggs (imported from Ireland).   Pasta and tinned beans in very short supply.

My mother's care home is not even taking phone calls now.    I imagine they are short staffed and extremely stressed.   Hospital staff too of course are terribly stressed and tired.

Our Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has had the virus for several days, today went into intensive care.