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Title: If you wish to know a little more about who I am?
Post by: Joe S. on February 03, 2020, 04:04:56 PM
This is a you tube presentation on some of the things that I have worked on. At the end there is a question about rife technology. The focus of my presentation is power for a UFO and Zero Point Energy. The focus of the second presentation is transmutation of Helium into Hydrogen using resonate chemistry instead of fusion. There are questions and answers at the end of the two presentations. I am sorry my voice is so flat. I was recovering from a flair. PM me or email me if you have additional questions. I had to condense 3 hours into 45 minutes. Aaron condensed 2 hours into 45 minutes. I hope some of you will enjoy it.


Recorded At MN MUFON a non profit organization