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Title: 2019 - Juggling Life Club
Post by: Bucky on January 01, 2019, 07:34:52 PM
Happy New Year!!     :D

Today, is January 1st, 2019 . . . .  a brand new day, a brand new year, and brand new adventures that lie ahead in this new year.

For those of you who don't know me, I am Bucky, a staff member at Sjogren's World. There have been so many new members the last few years I can't keep up with all of you.  If you have been around this forum for a while, in years past, I posted about a New Leaf Club that started in December 2009.  The premise of this "club" was a support group for our members who are looking to get their affairs in order - whether it be their house, their jobs, their families, etc.  For myself, I am more focused on my home and getting it organized so my "spoon" allotment is used wisely. 

There was a four year gap when we didn't have a club, but it was restarted again in 2018.  We had five members who participated last year and I'm hoping we have more members participate in 2019.

Here is a link to our club from some previous years:;

Life IS all about juggling so many things - our day-to-day activities, our homes, our families, our jobs, our health, our way of living.  I know for myself, that the journey is made sweeter when you have support and encouragement along the way.  That's what this "club" is all about.

I don't want this thread to focus on our health - even though that IS a big part of juggling life.  I want this to be about projects we are working on, plans for gardens, shared ideas on organizing, filing systems that work, craft projects, downsizing, recycling projects, etc.  Please, no Debbie Downers - I want to keep this thread upbeat, positive and encouraging.

As always, I have on-going projects that never seem to be finished - kind of like doing the dishes, you have them all clean and turn around and they start piling up again.   :-\

There are some things I have in mind that I will write about another day, I just wanted to put this out there tonight on the 1st day of January.

Is there anybody who wants to be a part of this Juggling Life Club with me?  The more the merrier!   :)

Title: Re: 2019 - Juggling Life Club
Post by: Carebear on January 04, 2019, 08:20:41 PM
Hi Bucky!  You can count me in again.

Well, that fort-like storage area under the stairs for the grandkids is ALMOST ready.  Yes, that's the project I was working on last year.  I just have one small wall to finish with drywall and reclaimed barn wood.  I hung up twinkling battery operated lights at Christmas and it is so darn cute.  Should be done by the middle of February.  Totally done.  Yeah!

Overlapping this project is a really big one.  I have a massive mechanical,  furnace,  storage room that is a real mess.  So I will just need to bite off one little piece at a time.  It has turned into that room where all things go to get lost.

My third project for this year is to start some kind of class.  Tai chi, gentle yoga, beginner's painting class...these are some ideas I have.  I'm still in the investigation phase for now.  Most seem to begin next week so I may be waiting until springtime before I start this.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone else.  Whatcha working on,  Bucky?
Title: Re: 2019 - Juggling Life Club
Post by: Carolina on January 05, 2019, 07:14:31 AM
Dear Club Members,

Happy New Year 2019!

Our tree is down and stowed away, and we've been to the gym twice so far in 2019.

1.  RETIREMENT LIVING.  We've decided that we won't move to the Senior Living Community of our choice until 2020, at the earliest.

All of the Senior Living Communities we like are at capacity.   We're on the waiting list for the one we like best, which is 2.5 miles from our house.

When the time comes, we'll move into the Senior Living Community, and THEN sell our house.   For the longest time I couldn't figure out how the move and selling the house could be juggled.  We'll have 'double expenses' for a while: house payment AND rent payment. 

However, our house is in a very desirable location, and I've even had a call from a realtor who said she has a waiting list for our subdivision.  So that's a plus.  The hard part for me in all of this is that I am so disabled that I can't DO any of the physical work of moving, getting the house ready to sell and disposing of stuff we don't need.  This will be the first move I just watch.   For me, 'just watching' is very stressful.

2.  TRIP TO FRANCE.  The biggest 'project' for 2019 is a family trip to France, for two weeks in June.  Our older son lives in Paris, and we plan to visit him, traveling with our younger son and his wife, and two of their children.  I'm handling 'logistics' including the air travel and travel in France by train, as well. 

John and I will take the train from the airport, directly to our son's second home in Brittany, where he will be waiting for us with his family.  Our younger son and his family will take the train to the first home in Paris, so the kids can spend some time seeing Paris, then they'll join us in Brittany.

I like doing the research and making travel plans, and I certainly have the time to do it.  I didn't think I would travel again, because I'm so disabled, and tire so easily.  But my older son really wants everyone 'together'.   I need a wheel chair at the airport.  I don't know how train travel will be managed.  I'll take my walker, of course. I'll all work out, I'm sure

3.  ARTHRITIS PROJECT.  My other 'project' for 2019 is addressing my arthritic joints.  I have constant pain from my knees, neck and shoulders.  In late 2018 I had definitive news that I'm not a candidate for knee replacement.  I'll have some PT for my knees, starting in February.  This will be the third PT for my knees.

I'm seeing a specialist in non-surgical treatment for my neck, next week.  I don't expect that to really help as my neck pain is constant, and the degeneration started in 1988, so it's pretty bad. I need a new MRI of my cervical spine.

If neck surgery is my best option, I'll schedule it either before or after our trip to France.  I need to ask for advice from Irish who's had this neck surgery.  And perhaps there are others here, who've had this surgery. 

4.  LETTING GO.  I am re-reading "How to Be Sick" by Toni Bernhard.  I REALLY need to practice the many facets of her approach to chronic illness.  My entire mind-set to life is to 'fix' everything, and to feel 'responsible' for make everything' right'.....   Which sets me up for frustration and a feeling of failure and lack of control.  So I'm once again reminding myself to 'let go', slow down, and breathe!

Regards, Elaine

Title: Re: 2019 - Juggling Life Club
Post by: Carebear on January 06, 2019, 08:32:22 PM
I got down to business and began organizing my messy storage room this afternoon.   I put together a shelving unit, then moved things off the floor and onto the shelves.  That gave me a real boost, I'll tell you.

And my sweet dog got her fur brushed and her teeth cleaned today.  My goal is to do this daily.   

Tomorrow I'll start some research on evening and morning classes available in my small city.  There are an amazing number of classes available at affordable prices.  Very promising.
Title: Re: 2019 - Juggling Life Club
Post by: Deb 27 on January 07, 2019, 12:44:09 PM
Happy New Year !!!

Thank you Bucky for starting this thread. I retired 7 months ago and have been trying to adjust. I am loving this cooler weather so I can get outside and enjoy being outdoors. The summers are too hot for me. Living in the south, our winters are quite mild and pleasant.

We moved when I retired back into a home that we rented out for several years, so we have a lot of projects going. A lot of the projects are DIY that my husband can do. I can assist-:)

I am enjoying having time to spend with my family, friends, and pets. I find that getting up in the am and walking my dog makes a great start to my day.  I will enjoy this until next summer.

Recently I have been trying to work back into some fitness. It's a slow go but I am encouraged. Exercise centers me and I love it but due to some injuries and other issues, I let that lapse for too long. It kept me semi sane in my younger years. 

Elaine, I am so excited for your trip to France!!! How wonderful for you!!!!

Carebear, maybe I will also get motivated and organize our messy laundry room! Good for you! I would like to hear about any classes you might be taking. 

I am working on a family scrapbook and I also have a bucket list concert to attend in April.

So far, we don't have any long range plans for the year just yet. We've got to finish some home projects first.

Bye for now!
Title: Re: 2019 - Juggling Life Club
Post by: Carebear on January 13, 2019, 01:43:09 PM
Dear friends,

I am so proud of myself!  I've been on a small binge of repairing around here, and I am very pleased with the work so far.

No longer do the doors on the pantry and broom closet creak,  the shower lever no longer leaks and drips all day long,  and the toilet paper holders are all tightened up.  Yeah me!

And the dog has clean teeth and less loose hair is floating around the house.

Title: Re: 2019 - Juggling Life Club
Post by: Bucky on January 16, 2019, 01:01:03 PM
Wow, can you believe the month of January is already half over??!!   :o  Every year the time goes by faster and faster.

Carebear, Carolina, and Deb27 - glad to have you ladies participating in the Juggling Life Club this year.  Yay!  Anyone one else is welcome to join us anywhere along the way.

Carebear - I bet you can't wait until your fort-area storage area is complete - the grandkids will love it!  It sounds like you have several plans for this year - good for you.

Carolina - you are always a busy person!  Putting your house on the market AFTER you move is a smart idea.  I wish we could have been able to do that with selling my parents home.  My brother listed the house THEN decided to have an estate sale.  That was exhausting!  It's really convenient for you too if you move close by.  In my case, I was flying back and forth to another state to help.

I've heard you talk about going to France in years past.  From reading your posts through the years, you would be a good travel agent!  I hope everything works out for you and all the family can be together for the trip.

Deb27 - first off, Happy Retirement!   :)  Home projects - I don't think they ever are completely done.  One might finish the project they are working on, only to find something else that needs fixed or remodeled. 

I'm a list maker - I find that if I write it down, I tend to follow through with it versus just "thinking" about it.  Are you guys list makers? I still work part-time and on my days off, I tend to write down what I plan to do - it motivates me to finish the item and cross it off, done!  These past two days I had 15 items on my "to do" list.  I only have 3 items left to do . . . which I might just put on my next "to do" list as they aren't urgent.  ;)

Carebear when you mentioned about fixing a few things around the house the other day, I know what you mean about "yeah me!".  We've had a window that faces North and in the winter months you can feel cold air around the edges of the window.  I sleep by this window and it gets cold when the wind is blowing.  I've mentioned it to hubby on several occasions.  Well, I took matters into my own hands and bought some Weatherstrip Seal self adhesive foam, and fixed the problem in five minutes!!   ;D  I've tried the putty weatherstrip stuff before, but it didn't help.  This foam stuff works like a charm!

I've found that once I start a project, some times it only takes 10-15 minutes to finish it, it's just STARTING it that takes so long.  Know what I mean?

Well, I have one more item from my "to do" list today that I need to complete and I will call this day a success, so I better get at it.  This is one of those time consuming projects where I brown a lot of ground chuck, then bag it in 1-pound bags to freeze.  It makes the days I work and come home to make dinner go by quicker by just thawing out the meat and adding it to spaghetti, chili, tacos, homemade pizza, or whatever I'm making.

Keep up the good work ladies! 

Title: Re: 2019 - Juggling Life Club
Post by: Bucky on January 23, 2019, 08:40:53 AM
Happy Wednesday and middle of the week!   :)

Yesterday, I completed a project that has been on my "to do" list for a couple months now.  Back in November, our son moved back home after being out-of-state at college the last two years.  While he was gone for those two years, I kinda "took over" his bedroom closet as MY extra storage area.  It was wonderful!  Now that's he home again, I had to give up the storage area and find another spot for the items I had in his bedroom closet.

I had eight storage containers in his closet with an array of photos, misc. receipts, and various maps and pamphlets (for travel) stored in his room.  I sorted through each box, labeled the envelopes (some day, these will go into photo books . . . . some day), shredded papers that didn't need to be kept, and consolidated the eight containers into five.   ;D 

Each box is labeled with it's contents and relocated to the hall closet (which had to be cleaned out to accommodate these boxes) where it will be their new home.

When I was cleaning out the shelf in the hall closet for these boxes, I made a pile of "donate" items that I will add to when I tackle my bedroom this week before taking them to the donation center.

I'm making headway . . . yay!!

How's YOUR projects coming along?

Title: Re: 2019 - Juggling Life Club
Post by: Carebear on January 24, 2019, 02:03:00 PM
Hey, Bucky.  It sounds like you are really culling through your stuff.   Great work!

I had to go back to my shower tap project to fine tune it a bit.  When I took all the pieces apart, I incorrectly adjusted the temperature setting.   So...the first person who took their shower the next morning had a less than lukewarm cleansing.  Oops!  But I was about to fix it before my shower - He He!

I bought a tv stand that increased the height of the television by twelve inches so now I can watch it when I ride my recumbent bike or walk on the treadmill.  Now I exercise more frequently.

I just purchased all the supplies for taping and mudding the two small walls of drywall in the under the stairs "fort".  I plan to work on it tomorrow.  I sure hope I get it done by mid-February,  when the grandkids are all coming over.

I found a groovy floor tile for the "hobby/storage room".  It's very retro.  Reminds me of my adolescence!   I'll be the only one in town with a 60s decorated mechanical room.
Title: Re: 2019 - Juggling Life Club
Post by: Bucky on January 29, 2019, 10:45:48 AM
Carebear - it sounds like your projects are coming along too!   :)

I bet the person who got into the shower before you did wasn't very happy with you!  LOL  Normally, the shower head in our bathroom stays in the same position - someone had tilted it outward and I didn't check it before turning the shower on, and I got a face full of water right off the bat.   :o  At least I check the temp on my feet before turning the overhead shower on.  ;)

Last week, I put together a little Valentine's decorations in the dining room using things I had around the house and only buying a few things for less than $6 total.  I had bought a string of just red lights on clearance after Christmas, so I laid that around two red candle holders, a clear cut glass bowl filled with sparky heart shapes, a pretty fluted vase with a bunch of sparky heart shapes on sticks, and a gold picture frame with a "Happy Valentine's Day" greeting card framed inside.  It looks really pretty when it's lit up at night.  Hubby was impressed!

The picture frame I got at the Dollar Tree store (everything a dollar there), looks like an expensive frame, when it's not.  They also had Hallmark cards there 2/$1 which is an awesome price!  I plan on using this same frame and getting other cards for different occasions to change out in the frame as the year progresses. 

Today is my day off work and one of those, "I don't want to do anything", kind of days.  I admit after "the boys" (husband and son) both left for work, I went back to bed for a little bit . . . ahhhh, felt good!  I'm just trying to enjoy "me" time before everyone comes back home. 

Have a good day everyone . . . . anyone else working on any projects?

Title: Re: 2019 - Juggling Life Club
Post by: Bucky on February 22, 2019, 08:57:08 PM
Happy February - what's left of it! 

How's everyone's projects coming along?  Anybody start anything new?

Along with the "juggling life", connecting with friends/family is a part of that too.  Three weeks ago I got a surprise call from one of my Aunts that lives in FL.  She was calling to check on me as she had heard on the news about our cold temperatures.  That was so sweet of her.  This is one of my Dads sisters.  There were 12 kids in my dads family - now, there are only three of them left.  Unfortunately, I don't live near any of the three.   :(  One Aunt in Florida, One Aunt in Tennessee, and my Uncle in Ohio.

I had a nice visit with Aunt Helen (who is 85 yrs old) and we both promised to call and check in with each other more often.  I had mentioned to her that we were thinking of going to Tennessee later in the fall and would love to see her if she was able to come up there.  (She was born in TN and one of her sisters still lives there.)  She just might be able to do that!  That would be fun to be able to visit without it being at a funeral (which was the last time I saw her, at my Dads funeral in 2013).

So, as one of my projects I have been working on, I had been looking online to find information on family members and printing out any info I found.  I made copies of what I had and mailed them off to Aunt Helen today.  A lot of the info is relatives I have never met, but Aunt Helen has, so I think she will enjoy reading about them.

My challenge to each of you is to reach out to a family member or friend you haven't talked to in a long time and touch base with them and let them know you're thinking of them.  It made my day that Aunt Helen would call me and I will definitely keep our promise to keep in touch more often.

Have a good weekend.

Title: Re: 2019 - Juggling Life Club
Post by: Bucky on April 05, 2019, 12:44:02 PM
Hi everyone - how is everyone?

Well, here in Central IL we've transitioned from winter into spring . . yay!!  We had a very cold winter and I'm looking forward to warmer weather - but not too warm!  I'll be glad when we can shed the coats here soon.

Elaine - how's everything with your move into the retirement community?  I had read in another post that the transition was hard on your husband.   :(  I hope things are improving as you both get settled in.

Carebear - how's the fort-storage area coming along?  Were you able to complete the project before your grandkids came to visit?

Deb 27 - how's your family scrapbook coming along?  It's now April, have you gone to your "bucket list" concert yet?  Who's at the concert? (if you want to share)

I'm still plugging along with various things around the house.  I could get so much done around the house if I didn't have the daily or weekly "same old" day-to-day jobs to do around the house.  The cleaning, grocery shopping, preparing meals, washing dishes, laundry, blah, blah, blah.  By the time I get the necessities done, I don't want to do anything else.

I do have to give myself a pat on the back for the week.  Recently, we had to have a plumber come to install a new shower unit in our bathroom.  Ever since the plumber was here our water pressure in the kitchen has been weak and not like it was before.  The bill from the plumber was due and hubby wanted me to mention to them about the water pressure.  I figured, before we say anything to them, let's go downstairs and check all the knobs for the water and make sure they were all open, like they should be.  Checked, and they were all open.  So, I decided to remove the  end piece of the faucet (I don't know what that's called) and clean it.  We have well water and it's hard on the pipes, etc.  I soaked the piece in hot sudsy water, brushed it with a toothbrush and reinstalled it.  Walla . . . the water pressure was back to normal in the faucet!!  Yay me!!!  It was just a coincidence that it had happened after the plumber was here.

In a prior post Carolina mentioned:
LETTING GO.  My entire mind-set to life is to 'fix' everything, and to feel 'responsible' for make everything' right'.....   Which sets me up for frustration and a feeling of failure and lack of control.  So I'm once again reminding myself to 'let go', slow down, and breathe!

Letting go is so hard.  For me, the letting go is related to our son.  We only have one child.  Our son had been living in CO to attend college for two years and he just moved home in November of 2018.  We were thrilled he chose to move back home to IL.  It was hard having him so far away (1,000 miles) for those two years.  Now that he's home, we have to remember to give him his privacy and space.  He's not the little kid any more that has to be told what to do and when to do it.

So much of my life has been devoted to raising him.  I was a SAHM (stay at home mom) when he was little, so I spent a lot of time with him.  Now, as a young adult, he is busy with his job, his friends and living his life.

I have to remind myself that he doesn't need his mom like he did when he was younger.  I don't have to fix all his problems.  I don't have to remind him to do this and that (example: "you better hurry up or you're going to be late for work").  He needs to figure out all this stuff on his own - to learn from his successes and mistakes.  I can't do that for him (even though the mom in me wants to do otherwise).

A couple of hours ago, our son left with his cousin to travel to CO (1,000 miles away) for a skiing trip.  My husband and I will just have to trust that everything goes well on their trip and they will be safe in their travels and have a fun time. 

The next 4-1/2 days we'll be practicing letting go and breathing.   ;)  All part of Juggling Life!!

Have a good weekend everyone!

If you are reading this post and want to join in the Juggle Life Club - please, join us.  The more, the merrier.  If you come to this site to just read and haven't become a member - please consider joining us.  It's FREE, there is a wealth of information found here on this site, and there are literally people from around the world who are dealing with Sjogren's and the effects it has on our day-to-day lives.  You can't post on the forum unless you are a member - so, please consider joining us and sharing your Sjogren's journey.

Title: Re: 2019 - Juggling Life Club
Post by: Carebear on April 05, 2019, 01:52:11 PM
Bucky, the process of letting go of our children is lifelong.   My oldest turns 40 next year, and I still feel like swooping in to "mom" her.  I have to watch myself with my older grandchildren as well.  They are young teens who need to learn how to make their own decisions and live with them.  Unless it's something dangerous of course, then that becomes a different story.

I have not finished the fort storage room yet.  Life got right up in my face so things were stalled.  BUT I returned to the project last week and have gathered momentum.   I'll be down there tomorrow for a few hours, or maybe more.  It should be finished by Easter.  And maybe the Easter bunny will hide some eggs there.
Title: Re: 2019 - Juggling Life Club
Post by: Bucky on April 07, 2019, 07:48:35 PM
This was a productive weekend for me - our weather was really nice here in IL and I was able to be outside for several hours trimming back tree limbs where we mow in the yard and picking up the array of branches and twigs that have fallen over the winter months.

While I was outside working so hard I was sweating and the salty sweat got into my eyes . . . ouchie!! My eyes were burning for the rest of the evening.

On another note regarding the trip our son took this weekend.  Well . . . . they had car trouble and had to have the car towed.  :(  So, they have been without a car all weekend having to rely on Uber and his college roommate to get them around.  The car is at a dealership 1-1/2 hrs. away from where they are at.  With it being the weekend, the car hasn't even been looked at yet!  We're hoping and praying that once they do look at the car on Monday that it will be a simple fix and the boys can get the car back and enjoy their last day in CO before heading back home.  We're really hoping that they can leave on Tuesday as planned as there is a winter storm coming on Wednesday in the area where they are right now.  The boys aren't even sure how they are going to get to the car dealership with it being 1-1/2 hrs. away.  They really don't have any Uber's or taxi's in the area they are in, and if they did, it would be an expensive fare to drive that far.  We're hoping the car dealership will help them out.  (They are driving a rental car from a local dealership here in IL.)

So, if you are a praying person, we sure would appreciate any prayers you could offer for our son that everything will fall into place for them.

Title: Re: 2019 - Juggling Life Club
Post by: Bucky on April 09, 2019, 05:21:49 PM
This is one happy, grateful mama, her son is home!!   :D

The car needed a new water pump that was replaced by noon on Monday and then the boys picked up the car in the afternoon and started their journey back home.  (They had to end up renting another car to get around while they waited for their rental car to be fixed.)

I'm just so thankful that they are home ahead of the "monster blizzard" that the news people are calling the storm that is to roll through Colorado, Nebraska, Minnesota and other states starting on Wednesday through the weekend.

If you said a prayer for my son, thank you.  I can breathe again and will be able to get some sleep tonight.

Title: Re: 2019 - Juggling Life Club
Post by: susanep on April 11, 2019, 10:15:39 PM
I have been working since last year on a queen size quilt for my son and daughter in law. He wanted the top to be lime green, and the back to be a medium blue with the fabric on the back fleece. Then it will have the usual batting in the middle. It is very thick and I am doing the impossible task of machine quilting it on a home machine that has a very small area under the arm. It's so heavy that it has taken me forever with all my setbacks in life.

It is now coming along well, and I am still working on it, but hoping to get some major quilting done in the nexmyt few days. He wants the back blue fleece turned over onto the edges of the front lime green cotton. It does look pretty.

The top I cut up in 10"squares and then sewed together in rows. The backing fleece wasn't wide enough without cutting it and attaching back.

I also bought a fabric license plate that looks like one on a car with our state name on it and a little saying. Then I will add the details of who made it and for who.

Wish me luck on getting it finished soon. It will be my quilt for him and her while I am still here to do it. They do a lot of camping.

Title: Re: 2019 - Juggling Life Club
Post by: Bucky on April 13, 2019, 06:57:45 PM
Susanep, your quilt sounds pretty.  I've never made a quilt myself, but I know it takes a lot of time to make one.

The quilt will be a nice keepsake for your son & daughter-in-law.  In my opinion, handmade gifts are the best!

I have an afghan that a neighbor made for me when I graduated from high school - it's 44 yrs. old and I still use it every night on my bed.

Good luck as you finish up the quilt - a quilt made with love.   :D

Title: Re: 2019 - Juggling Life Club
Post by: Carebear on April 13, 2019, 07:18:49 PM
Susan,  your quilt sounds beautiful!  I'm so happy to hear you've gotten back to quilting,  which I know you enjoy doing very much.  Your son is lucky to have such a talented mom.

I finally finished drywalling the two tiny walls under the stairs.  I think completing a small area takes more time than a much larger one.  Professional it is not!  Did I say it was finished?  Well not quite.  I finished one coat of mud on the seams,  and now I'm cleaning things up until after Easter.   But the end is indeed in sight.  I'm stringing up 100 feet of tiny lights under the steps to give the feel of twinkling stars.

Bucky, your relief is palpable.   I'm sure you will be wanting to keep your young lad nearby for some time now.
Title: Re: 2019 - Juggling Life Club
Post by: Bucky on April 30, 2019, 11:31:05 AM
Hi from a wet, rainy Central Illinois.  The "plan" for today was to go grocery shopping . . . well, I waited too long to get my act together and now it is pouring rain and will be for the next 1-1/2 hrs. easily. I've gone shopping in the pouring rain before and it's not fun!!  Oh well . . . I will check the freezer and pantry and see what I can whip up for dinner tonight and go shopping tomorrow.   ;)

Oh. My. Gosh . . . I should have a thread titled: Hello - I Am A Procrastinator.  It seems in my mind and on paper I have big plans to get things done but then I never get around to doing them.

Here's my self diagnosis of why I don't get things done:

1)  We're starting into our busy season at work and it's not unusual for me to work 10-11 hr. days on Mondays.  On Tuesday, my day off, I'm exhausted from work the day before - I don't want to do anything but just "chill".

2)  We are a family of three - I do 80% of everything both inside and outside the house.  If I don't do it, it won't get done!

3)  I've started downsizing, but I don't have space to store things I need to keep.  (In our house we not only have our things, but we've also got items belonging to my late MIL and my parents.)

4)  I spend too much time on the internet.  But . . in my defense, I'm usually looking things up, so I don't consider it wasted time.  I will admit, I maybe DO play a few too many games, but the entertainment is free and I'm not spending money on anything.  I like to think it's keeping my mind sharp . . yeah, I'll go with that theory!!   ;D

Well, I guess I've stalled long enough for today - guess I'll go and do something constructive around the house while there's peace and quiet before the boys get home from work.  On second thought, I know what I'll do first . . . phone a friend.  I have a neighbor that I grew up next to my whole life until I got married and moved out-of-state, she just turned 96 yrs. old.  I'll call her to chat for 15 minutes.   :D

What's happening with you as you "Juggle Life"?   Post and let us know! 

Have a good day!
Title: Re: 2019 - Juggling Life Club
Post by: Carolina on April 30, 2019, 03:39:20 PM
Hi, full on summer here now.

We just 'juggled' ourselves into Independent Living in April.  Whew.

And our house has sold (well not closed yet) in two days!

So the juggling continues, but it's much nicer now.

Hugs, Elaine
Title: Re: 2019 - Juggling Life Club
Post by: Carebear on April 30, 2019, 05:41:18 PM
Bucky, I'm right next to you with procrastinating.  Maybe it's my age, but I just don't want to do things that are too hard, too stressful or too upsetting.   Well, that leaves out 90 percent of all things, right off the top!

I did manage to finish the drywall in my little toy storage/fort for the grandkids.   I taped the seams and put one layer of mud on it.  And that's where it has stood for two weeks.  But at least I got the worst of it finished.   Now it's just SAND, MUD, SAND, MUD...MAYBE ONCE MORE FOR GOOD MEASURE.   Then two coats of paint, baseboard and molding installed, and I'm DONE!  I exhausted already!

I can't finish projects but I sure can start them!

I am designing a large table for the family room downstairs, for everyone to build puzzles on and play board games.  It will be so rustic, with the edges still having bark on them and I will treat it to look like weathered barn board.  I pick up the materials on Friday.  It will be a very fun project, which means I will get to work on it right away!  I should get it finished by our Mother's day lunch.

We're having our garage floor professionally epoxied this week, and when we can finally use the garage we will have to put everything back. Or toss it.  I hope it's something we just love.  I said I'd go along with it as long as my spouse keeps it clean.  I got a "scout's honour" and a "cross my heart" which gives me some confidence it will happen. 

Tonight we attend our first condo meeting and elect the board members.  I would rather be covered with drywall compound dust!  But alas, this is not an option for this evening. 

Elaine, congratulations on the move and the sale of your house.  I bet you can almost see the dust settling. Wishing you many happy years in your lovely new home.
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Post by: Carebear on August 14, 2019, 08:35:58 AM
Good news.  I finished the storage room/fort under the stairs!

Next project is to build a workshop with storage.  The walls and floors are concrete,  I need to have an electrician do some work...bare canvas!  Should be done by 2021!  Haha!
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Post by: irish on August 18, 2019, 11:43:25 PM
Carebear, I am jealous!!! I would love to be able to do some projects like you are doing. I know it is work and it takes so much longer than it did when I was 40 years. I live in a co-op now and I get these urges to do some things and then remember that I have one bedroom and no basement and no energy.

Life is not fair. When a person want to do things they can't and when we can do them we don't always want to. Irish

I always loved drawing up plans for various projects. It is fun!!!
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Post by: Bucky on September 05, 2019, 07:45:27 PM
A long overdo hello to you all!  Where oh where has the time gone?? When I last posted it was Spring . . . now, we're 18 days away from the official start of Fall.

Congrats are in order for Elaine - selling your house and moving to independent living.

Congrats Carebear on finishing your under the stairs storage room/fort.  Yay!!  How do the grand kids like it?

Susanep - have you finished your sons quilt?

Irish - maybe the place where you live could use some occasional help with a project that would be right up your alley.  Although, with all the things you have going on, I don't know you could fit it into your schedule!

I do finally have some news to share about a completed project that's been a thorn in my side for years!!  If you go back to previous posts through the years I have complained about shoe clutter and how to get it under control.  I've used a hanging shoe organizer in my closet - took up too much precious real estate in my closet that I needed for hanging clothes.  I've gotten and used an under-the-bed shoe storage container - which I still use.  Yet, I still had shoe clutter.  I really don't have that many pairs of shoes, but you do need shoes for different things: tennis shoes, flats, sandals, high heels, boots, etc.

Well, there was this man that did some woodwork for the company I work for.  He's retired and does woodwork as a hobby.  I showed him a picture of a shoe storage unit I wanted and asked if he could build it - he said sure!  So, I gave him the dimensions of the area where I wanted to put it, the number of cubbies I wanted, etc. I gave him an "idea" of what I wanted and he ran with it. Boy is that puppy heavy to carry!! I wish he would have made the cubbies a little smaller so there would have been more of them, but I'm pleased with the results. Several cubbies can hold two pairs of shoes in them (sandals).

When I brought the unit home it was in it's original raw wood condition.  Hubby strongly suggested I put several coats of poly on it.  I had to wait and wait for a break in the weather (like TWO months) as it was way too hot and humid to paint.  I only ended up putting one coat of poly on it and calling it good.  I am very sensitive to smells and the smell of the poly (even though I painted it in the garage) was so strong, I had to leave it out in the garage for two weeks for most of the smell to go away.  Every now and then, I can still smell it.

A long overdo project done!  Yay!!

Anyone else working on or finished a project you've been working on?

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Post by: Carebear on September 05, 2019, 09:12:24 PM
Good plan for the shoe storage,  Bucky.   I wish you could send your guy over here!  I have some ideas, but no one I trust to build them.

Well, one granddaughter is taller than I am now so she's not using the fort for herself.  But the little guy thinks it's very cool.  The first place he wants to go to is our basement when he gets here. Hopefully he will take after the short side of the family so he won't be bumping his head for several more years.

I am starting to put our summer outdoor things away now because it is beginning to look like fall/winter here.  Last year we had a blizzard in September.  Needless to say, we have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

I did start drywalling the mechanical room last week but I petered out.  Actually I put up ONE sheet.  Next week I will give it another go.

Also, next week I intend to try out warm water exercises once again. This time at a different pool.  And it starts at 9 a.m. Good luck to me!  It is three mornings weekly which will give me a good chance to really assess it.  See if it's right for me.  It really would be nice to be more active, especially in the winter.   Fingers crossed I can get out of bed that early!
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Post by: susanep on November 23, 2019, 01:31:02 AM
Well Bucky and everyone. I see that I did not get back to posting on here as I should have. I will be back to it now though.

Yes, I did get my son and daughter in laws quilt finished. They loved it. It was so heavy it sure wore down on my arms, but even after I had broke my wrist back in July I finished putting the quilt label on it.

I also found a fabric license plate for our state of Tennessee, and he loved that too.

I am now slowly working on 9" blocks here and there with no rush for a regular size quilt for me and hubby. Lots of pretty colors and patterns will go into it. It's yet simple too the way it might have been done a long time ago. It will have all cotton fabric and the batting in the middle.

I am thinking about sewing a couple of potholders for some to give with Christmas. I wish if I could  that next year I could make a set for all of you on here. I know with addresses that may not be possible, but I can wish.  :)

I am glad to be back.
Hugs and love
susanep :)