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Title: CNS (Central Nervous System) Articles
Post by: Spring on August 19, 2012, 08:05:38 PM
An in-depth article from "Brain, A Journal of Neuropathy" on Neuropathies associated with Sjogren's Syndrome. Symptoms, testing, treatment and their outcomes are discussed. (

Articles! Courtesy of the Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation: (
Thank you below this list.

 Brain Fog - Is it Sjogren's Syndrome? (
 Susan McDermott, M.D.

 How Do You Diagnose Sjogren's Syndrome (
 Frederick B. Vivino, MD, FACR

 What Makes Barbara Run (
 By Teri Rumpf, PhD


 Peripheral Neuropathy and Sj?gren's, ( and
 Treatment Options for Peripheral Neuropathies (
 Elaine Alexander, M.D., PhD.

 Sj?gren's Syndrome Neurological Aspects (
 Mary L. Olsen, M.D.

 Neurologic Aspects of Sj?gren's Syndrome An Update (
 Stewart J. Tepper, M.D.

 Neurological Manifestations Of Sj?gren's Syndrome (
 Steven Mandel, M.D.

 SS A Multifaceted Disorder (
 Seattle WA Symposium by Dr. Elaine Alexander, Dr. Philip J. Mease & Dr. P. Scott Pollock


Sjogren's World editors would like to express their gratitude to Mary Ellen Brennan, from the Philadelphia Regional Chapter of the Sj?gren's Syndrome Foundation, for her help in obtaining the articles from the Sj?gren Syndrome Foundation Newsletter, "The Moisture Seekers."  Her dedication to help educate and support Sj?gren's Syndrome patients is appreciated by the Sjogren's World Community.

Dr. Steven Mandel, MD, neurologist from Philadelphia, PA gave Sjogren's World permission to reprint his article, "Neurological Manifestations of Sj?gren?s Syndrome." We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Stephen Mandel, MD for his contribution to Sjogren's World.