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Title: Mammogram Question~ Scared About Results
Post by: MissyLouWho? on June 11, 2012, 10:49:56 AM
This isn't Sjs related, so I posted here.  Feel free to move it if I'm in the wrong spot  ;)

So last week I had my mammogram and posted how my experience wasn't bad at all and how we all need to get in and get ourselves checked.  Well....they sent me a letter saying they needed to redo one on my left side and to contact my ob/gyn for the slip to have it done.  Well, they reviewed what the place said and now want me to not only have that section redone, but now also wants an ultrasound of that area.  Is this normal???  I am trying very hard not to be scared as my aunt is a breast cancer survivor.  Can anyone relate to this and put my brewing fears to rest?

The section 'saw something and further testing needed' wasn't checked (I paraphrased, but you know what it means ;)) so would they have had to check that if they saw something?  Is it possible that the image just wasn't clear?  But I thought the woman looked at the images before she said we were done.  I am VERY small (training bra size :-X) and think I'd feel if something were there, wouldn't I? 

Trying very hard not to be scared.  Have my new appointment for Thursday.
Title: Re: Mammogram Question~ Scared About Results
Post by: Iris on June 11, 2012, 11:01:36 AM
It could of just not been clear.. Or if you have dense breast tissue sometimes they have to redo the test and get an ultrasound..  I wouldn't worry until you have something to worry about..  I know it's easier said than done..  :)

Every time I get a mammogram they just automatically march me over to ultrasound because i have dense tissue and calcifications.. When I get one at a new place they freak out until they see my old test results..
Title: Re: Mammogram Question~ Scared About Results
Post by: WildThing on June 11, 2012, 11:13:49 AM
I've not had one before so I don't know but I have had quite a lot of x rays and scans of all my other body parts and I think it sounds from what you say like they just want to do another test as the first one wasn't clear enough.  I have often been called back for more tests and every time I think 'oh no what now?' but it always turns out the first test just wasn't clear enough.  Statistically it is ore likely to be that than something nasty.
Title: Re: Mammogram Question~ Scared About Results
Post by: MissyLouWho? on June 11, 2012, 11:25:54 AM
Believe it or not, I feel MUCH better reading that, ladies!  It was my first one, so they don't have one to compare it to saying "oh this different than the last."  Ok. I'm feeling better  :)  Thank you :)
Title: Re: Mammogram Question~ Scared About Results
Post by: Sleepy In Seattle on June 11, 2012, 01:30:31 PM
Don't be's not uncommon.

I have incredibly "complex breasts" - not large, but I have lots of little cysts and knotty tissue and so on...LOL when I get mammos, I always have to warn the radiologist - they just about hit the floor when they see the images on the machines. In fact, when I schedule a mammo, I always tell them "you might as well schedule an ultrasound at the same time - there's always something they want to check"  that way I don't have to make two trips.

For the last 6 years EVERY YEAR I get a mammo, and ultrasound, and sometimes needle biopsies or have to drain cysts. Nothing has ever been the least bit worrysome - some people just have "noisy breasts" - (that's the phrase the technicians use). My mom is the same way - 25 years of this. Nothing ever worrysome. They just need to be careful.

So to answer your question - of course i don't KNOW it's nothing...but there are many, many reasons to repeat a mammo and/or do an ultrasound BESIDES cancer.

I am glad you are now establishing what "normal" is for your will help them tremendously as the years go by so they can track changes and note anything that breaks the pattern. The better they know YOUR particular breast tissue (which may have some inconsistencies just naturally), the more accurate they can be in identifying any problems early.  :)
Title: Re: Mammogram Question~ Scared About Results
Post by: irish on June 11, 2012, 02:02:55 PM
I have been through this whole routine only they called me at home about 3 hours after I had the mammogram. Scared the bejibbers out of me.I went in and had another mammogram of the left breast, different angle, etc.

I then had to go to the bigger hospital to have the ultrasound for another check. All turned out ok. I was not too worried to be frank as I have had funny mammograms for years with no needed intervention. That day might come for me soon, but don't let it scare you. They are covering all the angles and be thankful that they care enough to check you this thoroughly Irish
Title: Re: Mammogram Question~ Scared About Results
Post by: MissyLouWho? on June 11, 2012, 02:51:52 PM
I talked to the nurse about the whole thing and she said the report said it was an unidentified small mass in the left breast :o.  I freaked out for a moment, but then she said that if they were concerned that it could be cancer they definitely would have ordered a biopsy.  They are just checking the non-cancer-looking mass out to see if it's calcification, dense tissue, cysts or just what.  Ultrasound will help them see better and my ob/gyn likes us to have an ultrasound done with a normal mammogram anyway, but the imaging place didn't do it.  She really pushed the "if they thought it was cancer they would have ordered a biopsy and they didn't" thing, so I feel a little better.  I will know more once I have the tests done.

Thanks for all the responses as they did make me feel better before I even talked to her.  Please pray all new tests I have done Thursday come back ok  :)
Title: Re: Mammogram Question~ Scared About Results
Post by: Ark mom on June 11, 2012, 09:16:25 PM
Goodness, Missy!  I didn't know this was going on over in this section!  I'm glad I caught your post.  I dont check this ection every day.  I will be biting my nails with you until given the all clear.  :). Sounds as though it is nothing to worry about, just an exercise in classifying a nonthreatening object.  Let us know when you do!  Hugs!