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Title: Damage to eyelashes
Post by: meh07 on September 12, 2011, 03:15:36 PM
I really didn't think I had dry eyes.  Sometimes lately a little itchy but nothing too bad.  Today I went to the opthamologist for a completely different issue (floaters and flashing lights) but while I was there they told me my eyes were extremely dry and I need to be using someting to help.  They suggested skipping the OTC stuff and going straight to Restasis since my dryness is so bad.  How could I not have known this?  Maybe my eyes have been dry for so long I just got used to it and thought it was normal??

I know many of us have dry eyes so not my reason for writing this.  The reason is that my eyelashes seem to have broken off halfway..or in some cases seem to be gone completely.  I noticed they were broken this weekend when running my hand over my eye the tips felt very rough and hard.  I looked closely in the mirror and couldn't believe they were as short as they were.  I use masacara so i think I knew they were getting thinner just from putting on my make up every day but no idea they'd lost what seems like half their length.  The eye doctor said it's from the blocked oil glands that are also causing the dry eyes.  I hope they come back!!!  They weren't sure if they would or not.  Does anyone have any experience with this?

Now I wish I'd gotten my eyes checked when I got the diagnosis from my GP in February.  I really didn't  know I had dry eye and would have sworn I didn't.  If I had, I might still have more of my eyelashes.  not that eyelashes are the most important thing when dealing with something like this.   

I have really been trying to pretend I don't have this diseases because the two most common symptoms I didn't have.   My biggest issue has been fatigue which I have managed to convince myself is from getting older and skin rashes which I believed were from food allergies. 

Today it hit me that I really do have Sjogren's.  I am now so depressed.

Title: Re: Damage to eyelashes
Post by: Joe S. on September 12, 2011, 04:29:01 PM
Welcome to the forum meh07. I use Reiki and tones to help with dry eyes.
Title: Re: Damage to eyelashes
Post by: Carolina on September 12, 2011, 04:45:54 PM
Hi meh,

Perhaps you have blepharitis?

It is fairly common.

It has caused my eyelashes to curl!

Weird, eh.

Check it out.

I don't know about the breaking off part, tho.


Keep us posted.