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"What is going on?" music video about Autoimmunes!
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I stumbled upon this whole experience on The American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association!!!!!!!!!!



The Danish band ?Dansk Fl?de? (Danish Cream) has composed what is believed to be the World?s first song on IMIDs.

The song is based on insights into what run through many patients? heads, when they realize that they suffer from an IMID.

The lyrics reflect the many questions, the first encounter with new terminologies, the uncertainty and worry, and the relief that comes to many patients, once they are told what is going on ? i.e. what they are (and are not) suffering from.

Knowledge is a central factor for coping with, as well as intervening IMIDs.

Both the song and the music video feature several of the people behind LEARN, including representatives from the involved patient associations, Hvidovre hospital and Abbott.

What is going on?
the music video

What is LEARN?

LEARN stands for Living the Experience of Autoimmune Reactions.

LEARN is a unique interactive exhibition that takes the shape of an artistically made gigantic vein; it is a ?hear-see-feel exhibition?, i.e. is focused on experienced-based learning.

The exhibition communicates, in an entirely new manner, the esoteric nature of diseases such as psoriasis, Crohn?s disease and several rheumatic diseases; diseases that vary in the way they appear, but share many common features and consequences, several of which relate to the (mis)perceptions of what they are ? and are not.

All of the mentioned diseases are IMIDs ?Immune-
mediated Inflammatory diseases, also known as auto immune diseases; diseases that arise as a consequence of a dysregulated immune system, which causes the immune system to attack the body?s healthy cells.

Visitors can walk around inside the giant vein and see what goes on ?when your body becomes your enemy?.

The aim of LEARN is to address the stigmas, misperceptions etc., by increasing the awareness and knowledge of IMIDs thus hopefully assisting in minimizing the burden of disease for patients with IMIDs.

The exhibition had World premiere on June 10th, 2009 at R?dhuspladsen in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is now touring around the globe in 2009/2010.



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Re: "What is going on?" music video about Autoimmunes!
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To make more people more aware is wonderful!
Thanks for sharing the link!