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Food Allergy testing???
« on: September 10, 2008, 10:17:24 PM »
How many of you have had food allery testing?  I  had the blood test for food allergies and found out i am allergic to milk and eggs -both yolks and egg whites. _also halibut, pork, and turkey...  Allergies can trigger flares of Sjogrens according to my rhuemy and internist..  What is really interesting is that a week before I got the results, I changed my diet to include a lot of milk and eggs trying to be healthy -I then ended up with a flare - I had not had one in about 6 months, but was not eating much of those foods either... I received the results in the beginning of the flare and changed my diet and my flare settled down after a couple days.  I thought that was interesting.  I am going to see how cutting those out completely (not easy since they are in everything I want to eat!!! )  makes me feel.  After a couple months I am going to eat them again to see if it really does trigger a flare...  I am now planning on entering a triathlon! SERIOUSLY!!!!  I am feeling great! :)  Just wondering if others have ventured into that area. 


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Re: Food Allergy testing???
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2008, 08:57:37 AM »
Hi Tamik  :)

I can see how an allergy could trigger an autoimmune reaction as it puts the immune system in overdrive.  I haven't had food allergy testing myself but I have experimented with different food groups myself.

Are you also allergic to eggs when they are in cakes and cookies?  One of my kids was allergic to eggs but could eat cakes. A girl I was at Art School with couldn't eat anything containing egg at all, without getting very ill.

If you're allergic to eggs I hazard a guess that sulfa drugs are not for you either!!

Taking milk and eggs out my two youngest kids diets helped reduce eczema considerably.

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Re: Food Allergy testing???
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2008, 09:58:58 AM »
Since this is allergy stuff is all new, I am avoiding eggs and milk completely and going to try to work them back in as far as cakes and cookies go! :)  Hopefully those will be fine!!  I am really missing cheese -melted cheese was a lubricant I relied on for my food!  Even the nonmilk cheese has milk proteins listed...I see my doc on the 18th for more guidance on this!  Crazy... no wonder my vitamin D level is not traceable!   Tami K


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Re: Food Allergy testing???
« Reply #3 on: May 17, 2009, 05:52:52 AM »
wow ... just reading through a lot of old threads - I have fantastic food allergies - being gluten intolerant and egg allergic... TBH from what I have learned- of you are intolerant/allergic it is best to stay completely away from them - continued exposure to an allergen such as these can end up very serious (as apposed to an allergist who knows what he's doing) for me it started out as eggs gave me stomach aches - then eggs gave me stomach aches and I would burp eggs, then eggs gave me severe stomach aches that would last for days along with the burping and some nausea thrown in... stopped eating them - but continued to eat them in things - would have a problem if something had a hig concentration of egg in it like custard, or creme brule (sp?) then I ate 3 hard boiled eggs one day on my way to work and had a total - nearly anaphylatic shock from them, tons of benedryl etc later - I stopped eating eggs... it was only after I found out I was a "glutard" as my BF puts it lovingly (and jokingly - cause lately if I dont joke about it my frustrations get the better of me)
that I learned that I should completely stay away from eggs or even an ingredient that comes from eggs... now if I eat/take anything that even has a wee bit of egg in it (example chocolate having "egg albumin" in it" can set off a huge reaction - also if I eat something that was cooked in the same pan as egg (such as Pad Thai at a Thai restaurant) I can start to swell and break out  in hives

There is an egg replacer - works pretty well. I have learned to cook - but most importantly BAKE with my allergies/intolerance - you cant taste the difference in my cookies - I do admit they are a wee bit more crumbly but if you only have an egg problem and not a gluten problem your cookies might turn out different. but they taste normal :)

I have learned to deal with my food allergies pretty successfully :)