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  Kelsey, I think most of us don't visit our Doctor nearly as much as we should.. I don't even go when my review is up ,unless the Doc says I must see him before the next prescription will be given .. I only ever saw a Consultant about 10 years ago who just said, yep!  i think you most likely have Sjogrens,  Fortunately,   I don't have any great pain issues, just weird goings on around my ribcage. The dryness is my big problem , eyes, mouth, skin & nails and the personal area !!    I was on HRT quite some years back, but only for 18 months.. then I got a little wary about the bad reports it was getting...
   The gel I recommended to you for the mouth has been great up until  these past few month's but  I am getting really dry mouth & nose at night too, and often a cough,  I know I should use a humidifier in the bedroom, but I honestly don't find it much use either.. Eating can also be a pain at times, always have to have a drink with food.. It's yuk!!
      Ah well, we shall just have to keep praying for that miracle to happen. eh?   Good luck Dolly


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Hi Dolly
You are certainly having a major dry out.  How do you cope with so many areas?  After asking for help re the dry mouth my eyes decided to take over.  I am now on 4 different drops applied 18 times a day in  total, and the Ophthalmologist said on Wedensday at least they are not dry but inflamed.  I have worked out that I have to apply drops every 43 minutes so they should not be dry.  There now seems to be no alternative but to increase the steroids, which are making the pressure rise, and once the inflammation is under control try to get the pressure down.  I have been on HRT since 1976 and it appears to be one of the few drugs my system tolerates.  The rheumys want me to stay on as they feel it helps my bones, but I stay on because it is the only thing that helps my migraine.  On Wednesday I had a bone density scan so it will be interesting to see if my bones are still OK in spite of years of steroids.  All I can say is keep lubricating and we will all pray for miracles.  kelsey