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Smooth, painful palms?
« on: March 25, 2020, 04:34:53 PM »
For the last month the palms of both my hands have really been bothering me. Never had this one before (always something new in the sjogrens world!) and the condition is just lingering.

The palms of my hands have become smooth and painful. Both hands are the same. The normal creases in my palms are almost smoothed out and there might be a little overall swelling (only on the palms - the top of my hands look just as bony and wrinkled as ever!). The skin is not discolored. There are no sores or bumps. My hands, in general, might be a tad stiffer than usual (I'm 61 so they are always a bit stiff but not arthritic) but not remarkably so. The inside of my palms feel tender, warm and sort of inflammed.

I was reading about Raynauds and scleroderma but this doesn't really sound like the typical symptoms, does it? There's no discoloration, no painful reaction to cold temperatures. I don't think the skin feels thicker...but how can you tell?

My next rheummy appointment isn't until August and this hardly seems worth a special visit. But it's painful and if anyone has ideas or suggestions for relief I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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