Author Topic: Anyone else nervous about Plaquenil possibly being used for Coronavirus?  (Read 685 times)


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At Trump’s news conference a bit ago, I was surprised a reporter asked about the promising use of Plaquenil for treating the Coronavirus. I guess a French pharmaceutical company has done a small trial of it. I googled it and most news articles are in French, which I don’t speak but found one English news source. If they start to use Plaquenil for the Coronavirus, what happens to those of us who rely on the medication every day? Just wondering everyone’s thoughts on this?
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Although I wouldn’t look forward to being without it, if it helps save lives, I guess I’d have to deal with it for awhile.
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That is something we will just have to wait and see. They have talked about using it earlier and I don't think they are for sure. I would think the anti-inflammatory effect would help for the severe virus symptoms. Irish


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I have no problem with it being used to treat novel coronavirus if it proves successful.   There are several existing drugs being tested right now.

The article I read a few days ago indicated they were dosing 400 mg five times daily in Japan.  From what I read, treatment only took place over s short number of days.
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I had already heard about the possibility of plaquenil as COVID19 treatment and my concern was that I would be ineligible to receive it due to already having been diagnosed with plaquenil toxicity. :( But I guess taking more and having vision problems would be better than being dead.

An of course, possible shortage is also a concern for those already taking it for autoimmune treatment reasons.

Best of luck to all of us during this crazy time.
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Sjoggie friends,

I heard that they were ?trialing? Plaquinil (Chloroquine) for use to treat the severe pneumonia that some people get with this illness, but I haven?t seen or heard of the results of these trials.

You would think that if it was of that much value, then there would be fewer deaths🤔.  I?d love to hear more about the effectiveness and results of these trials.

I saw that China is stepping up production of Chloroquine.  Let?s hope we all have what we need.  I?m staying at home but am going to have to hide my husband?s car keys or tie him to a chair because he loves socializing with others too much. 

We are binge watching shows and eating lots of homemade popcorn.  Stay healthy everybody!

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Me and husband went to our clinic yesterday, and she brought it up to me. She knows I'm on it, and she is too. She said we may be more protected, but I left sad with her writing me a script for some med for peripheral Arterial Disease . I had been hurting real bad in my legs when laying down at night.

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If they find that Chloroquin helps treat or stop the spread of COVID 19 I have no problem with putting up with any possible shortage. Eventually the supplies will come back, and in the meantime, lives may have been saved, so what if it's at the cost of a few aches on my part, I'd rather be sore and alive than the other option.

I'm actually more concerned that NSAIDS are being advised against due to some unknown synergistic action with the virus, so I'm worried about people who rely on them being at higher risk, although they probably already are based on the diagnosis that started them on NSAIDS in the first place, and I'm hoping are taking appropriate preventative measures.

I'm thinking this could result in our being dubbed the antisocial generation if it continues very long. If you haven't seen any of the uplifting encouraging videos online, like isolated neighbours singing together from their balconies in Italy, or online musical or theater performances, please give them a try, Much better than the doom and gloom. Here, a local artist is offering free online art tutorials every day, and bands and performers who can't do their scheduled gigs are posting live concerts online. The worst of the virus is bringing out the best in the people.

As already mentioned, COVID treatment, if it proves effective, will be intense and short term, and production is already being increased.

I'm in something of a privileged position I guess, I had just filled a script for three months supply of 400 mg daily, with about a months supply left at home and my doctor cut it to 200, so basically I have a 6 month reserve and I'm just opening the new one next week. I thought it was necessary I have one refill on that script so I could really hoard it, but I have no plans to do that.
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I was just going to post a link to an article I just got on Medscape about this. An MD friend told me about it yesterday. It's funny because when I started taking plaquenil, especially at the 400 mg dose, I stopped using the Advair I had to use every day. My wheezing was much better.

I am lucky as well with my supply. I just got my script filled and my doctor wrote it for 400 mgs per day by mistake and I got a 90 day supply. Soooo, I am good for several months.

Everyone, stay well !!!!
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As all us with Sjogren's knows, Plaquenil / Hydroxychloroquine takes time to "kick in".  I hope they have explained that to the people being prescribed this - it's not an "immediate" relief.  Doctors won't know the effectiveness of prescribing this med for several weeks down the road.

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It doesn't seem to follow the usual "build to a peak" format it does with autoimmune disease, it's more of a synergistic effect with the Azithromycin, and is given in much higher doses than most of us take. It almost seems like its toxic to the viral life form, and even without the antibiotic, it decreased the viral load much faster than anything else that'[s been tried. The antibiotic itself of course has no efect on the vius, but the synergistec effect does for as yet unknown reasons.

Anyone remember "the Andromeda Strain" and how simple Aspirin was the cure? Fact mirrors fiction.
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I read that it is not all NSAIDS....but ibuprofen may be bad for you.  The article I saw recommended acetaminophen instead.  I am going to ask my doctor.

Good to check up on.
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I am not able to get my Hydroxychloroquine refilled anywhere  :(

I am almost out so I hope they can ramp up production. 

Hope everyone is well, I haven?t been on here in  a while.  I?ve been doing very well and I?m worried about not having Hydroxychloroquine and going back to being bed-bound again as I was 8 years ago.
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I?ve been following this pretty closely...
This is what I?ve been able to glean from news, JAMA, the CDC, WHO etc as I?ve been following along...

Small trials with critically ill patients in France and China, one or two with hydroxychloroquine and one of two with chloroquine, found that short-course relatively high doses seem to ease pulmonary symptoms, which can make the difference between life or death in COVID-19.
They are small trials, though, and needs further testing.

It sounds like the manufacturers have already started to ramp up production, although I?m not sure to what degree, and if I recall correctly the main co that manufactures hydroxychloroquine had raised the price at the start of the tear but promised to drop it again. (Wait and see on that, I guess).

Of course we?re okay with Davis using plaquenil to treat dangerously ill patients; I?m worried about people who will demand ?just in case? prescriptions, because I think they?re under the impression it will magically treat or *cure* coronavirus, and deprive people who actually need it of their medication. Same people bulk-buying all the Toilet paper, probably!!!

I saw a COVID treatment plan chart that described the dosing as 400 mg 2x a day for one day, and then 200 mg 2x a day for 5 days.

The ibuprofen/NSAIDs thing comes from a March 11 Lancet article hypothesizing a possible negative effect; FDA issued a statement a few days ago saying there isn?t scientific evidence demonstrating the effect, so speak to your doctor; and an added caveat that NSAIDs can  ?diminish the utility of diagnostic signs in detecting infections.?
So I think they?re still trying to figure that one out.

I am not gonna be a happy camper if I have to give up my Aleve.


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I read that Israel is pumping out plaquenil as we speak.

I think it is being used to help quell the cytokine storm, because this is what is so deadly for so many with COVID.
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