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Pancreas related...?
« on: November 08, 2019, 01:13:57 PM »
hey y' I'm 29 now & lately ive been getting these attacks in my upper abdomen above belly button. they come out of nowhere after eating..sometimes the pain shifts to my left side...when it starts i feel this lurch of sharp stops me in my tracks...

these attacks started few months ago after i ate a very rich, greasy dinner...i still remember that event cuz the attack happened right after. then that episode lasted a full month in my upper abdomen & left side, the pain  was dull & sharp. the pain also went to my mid-back & it was very achy. i was having 24/7 pain, heartburn and drinking seltzer day & night...i needed to burp constantly & they kept on coming...

I have chronic gastritis since 8 yrs ago but these attacks are highly unfamiliar to me. ive not had this before usual issues are gerd, nausea, burning throat, etc etc...

could this be anything pancreas related? the only reason i've not gone to a gastro yet is cuz i'm avoiding the dead terrified of anesthesia....i was told they'd need to do full work-up & cant rely only on blood work to check pancreas. i'll only go if its related to that...if its stomach issues i guess i can wait it out. if anyone here has pancreas issues, pls tell me if this sounds familiar


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Re: Pancreas related...?
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2019, 11:29:10 PM »
I would think that you might need to have your gallbladder checked out. This organ is  tucked in and around the intestines, stomach and liver, etc and is affected by the intake of fatty foods. The pain and sicomfort can be anywhere in the back or in the abdominal chest area. Hard to assess without gallbladder testing and scans. The pancreas can also be checked out with blood work and scans and more if needed.

I have had a whole lot of endoscopies and have to tell you it is not bad. The light anesthesia they use is Intravenous and when you wake up you don't remember anything. The drugs used are for pain and to cause amnesia so your don't remember the procedure.  I had 3 scopings in 8 months last year. I had the esophagoscopy, gastroscopy and small and large bowel scoping the first time and the second and 3rd time was the large and small bowel with lasered removal of multiple arteriovenous malformations.

Years ago we didn't get much sedation and the scopings were a little different and miserable. We are so lucky to be able to have these important scopings in comfort. Actually the preps are the most dreaded part as no one likes to drink these laxatives and spend so much time on the "throne". Hope you can get these testings done cause they can shed light on your problem and could possibly even prevent bad medical issues down the road. Good luck. Irish
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