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Dining out
« on: May 11, 2019, 02:00:32 PM »
Hi - I would venture to guess that everyone on this forum has eaten out at one time or another.

Actually, at one time, most families did NOT eat out and ate their meals at home.  I'm a babyboomer and when I was growing up we hardly ever ate out - unless we happen to be traveling on vacation and it was usually at some "mom and pop" restaurant.  There wasn't the wide variety of places to eat at back in the 1970's like there is today.

If you would ask someone about their dining out experience you would get many different replies.  Like everything else in this current age, costs keep rising.  A person's reply might be that eating out is too expensive - the costs do rise when you add beverages, appetizers, and dessert.  The cost of food keeps rising whether you are buying groceries for yourself/family, or buying food supplies from your suppliers for your restaurant business.

Another reply might be that restaurants are too noisy.  I know people who say that when the restaurant is full of people talking, kids crying, etc., that it's hard to hear the person talking who is sitting right there at your own table.  The volume in restaurants can be quite noisy.

In order for restaurants to stand out from other restaurants they are always looking for ways to promote their business whether it's having a daily feature item on the menu, special drink features, buy one, get one half off deals, etc.  Restaurants compete with each other to get your business.

One thing that many people don't factor into their dining out experience is the amount of calories that is in the food they are ordering and consuming.  Have you ever gone to a restaurants website and taken a look at their nutritional breakdown?  It's an eye opener for sure!!

For instance - tonight, we are going to Cracker Barrel for my Mother's Day early celebration.  I got on-line and checked out the nutritional breakdown of the usual food I order there.  Here's my reaction when adding it all up . . . WHOA!!   :o :o  My calorie count for that meal is 1,340!! The 2 oz. honey mustard dipping sauce was a whopping 240 calories!! Over a one days total calorie allotment for one meal!  That's waaaay too much!  Don't even get me started on the sodium content! 

By juggling around the options, I was able to get the meal down to 550 calories, a savings of 790 calories!!   ;D  The options I picked are more than enough food without all the added calories.

My post is about a warning - buyer beware . . . if you eat out frequently, you might be adding to your waistline and pounds on the bathroom scale.

Back in 2017 I lost 20 lbs. just by watching what I was eating, counting calories, and not eating after 7 p.m. in the evening.  It can be done, and it wasn't hard at all (I've kept the weight off too.  :) ).  I didn't feel deprived of anything and ate what I wanted, within reason. Portions is the big culprit . Restaurant portions are HUGE - and most people feel they have to eat the whole portion.  Feel free to ask for a doggy bag and take home half your meal, or split a meal with someone else there at the table.

Want to lose weight?  Watch what you eat . . . both while dining out, and also eating at home . . it's all about the portions and how you cook the food (fried being the worst vs. grilled).  Just sayin'

FYI - I work for a business that serves food.  Our portions are WAAAY too much.  I've suggested that they cut back on the portion sizes and they could lower the guests out-of-pocket expense to dine out and the restaurant would save money on their food costs.  Of course, they haven't done anything. 

Happy dining out, but buyer beware . . . you are what you eat, and what you eat can add outrageous calorie counts and pounds!

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Re: Dining out
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2019, 11:11:06 PM »
Bucky, that was interesting and oh so true. I lost 40 pounds back in the 80's by cutting out red meat and eating mostly pasta salads with broccoli, etc, cheese, onions and dressing of we tern dressing and orange juice. I also put some of the red beans in it. It was so good and you can eat it more than one-two times a day without gaining any weight cause of the carbs and proteins that seem to burn off in a very healthy way. I also ate a lot of home made stir fry that I cooked up and then had rice pre made and heated in microwave. I need to get motivated like that again. I really ate a lot healthier and felt better too. The weight sort of slide of steadily.

I can remember going to MacDonalds and eating one of the lean beef burgers and then I would eat one of hubbies french fries. Sheesch---don't know how I did it. I was on a quest to lower my cholesterol, etc and the diet did help.

You mentioned the sodium in food and it is so high. I check this all the time also and when buying groceries it just drives me crazy cause they dump tons of salt in everything. They need to be using the herbs. I haven't eaten at a Cracker barrel for years. They always had good food. Take care. Bon't blink cause you might miss the sunshine. Spring is a long time a coming. Irish

MacDons has a new burger out that is supposed to be pure beef and it sure isn't as greasy as the quarter pounders. I find that taking the topi bun off also cuts out a few calories. It is really a burden. Remember when they had all the cheaper steakhouses with salad bars back 20 years or so ago. They had good meals and one could get the potato bar and that was so good. But....the salt was high there also. When we are older we think more about the salt.