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I've had a good experience with Plaquenil.  It might have helped the dryness some, but did wonders on aches and pains, and energy levels.  I'm on the full dose and, because I'm small, my rheumy has suggested I try halving the dose.  I've tried twice, but joint pain comes on fairly quickly after stopping.

Plaquenil takes several months to build up its effect at first.  I saw gradual improvement up to 5 months after starting.  If you don't have adverse reactions, you might think of taking it for 5 months before giving up on it.  And your docs are up on the eye exams; that's good.

I've read that an estimated 40% of people with Sjogrens are completely seronegative.  The criteria some doctors use is two of the three:  blood markers, lip biopsy, sicca symptoms.  Like you, I had the latter two.  And plaquenil helped me a lot.  (When I developed lupus, I added cellcept to the mix).
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