Author Topic: Successful dieters out there?  (Read 1412 times)


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Successful dieters out there?
« on: March 04, 2019, 02:00:20 PM »
They say truly successful dieters are rare. I think what is meant by that is folks who have lost a fair amount of weight and then have consistently kept it off for a long time. Don't know numbers. I'm thinking kept it off 5 years or more. 

But, I know for myself...I've had a lot of trouble with consistency. A good 15 years ago, I got 20 pounds off with Weight Watchers. But, then I had to do it all over again 10 years ago. And five years ago. In my defense, I have had to take prednisone on and off, which is horribly bad in terms of weight gain. Nighmarish.

On the positive side (sort of) is that I never let it get too out of control. When I am twenty pounds overweight, I tend to get very serious and down to business and lose the overweight. BUT, it gets harder and harder each time. AND I'm more than a little fedup with this routine.

I need to lose perhaps 15 pounds at the moment. I WAS DOING DECENTLY, but was put on prednisone a year ago or so. Gained weight, got some off, put it all back in December and have been messing around up and down ever since. NOt sure what happened. Stress, fatigue, etc....I suppose.

I have relatives that maintain their weight year round. They might gain a pound or so during holidays and then they immediately lose it. I've noticed tremendous discipline and avoidance of:
1. overeating  (they avoid this at all costs)
2. Sweets/desserts/sugars (they avoid these almost entirely)
And they usually engage in this
3. regular exercise...even if its just walking several days a week

I suppose the formula is rather simple. IDK. I've seen this work for them. It's not rocket science. Yet, it seems tremendously difficult.

Anybody here able to maintain a normal weight the great majority of the time? Or have friends and relatives that you have observed who are successful?
Or have you lost weight and kept it off consistently 5 plus years? What tidbits can you give us? What encouragement might you provide? How do you stay strong when temptation rolls around? What have you learned?  Please share...I need good, helpful and positive feedback. And probably more than anything...just to be engaged in helpful, positive, encouraging  conversation.

PS Eating in a healthy manner (lots of veggies, avoiding sweets...actually gives me more multiple reasons to do this!)

Thank you.

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Re: Successful dieters out there?
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2019, 01:54:45 AM »

Personally I have never dieted but my husband has. He calorie counts. He gets the weight off and if he sticks with it keeps the weight off. It is hard to stick with it.

He uses a free app called my fitness pal where he records everything he eats and logs his weight.

For a snack he will have a small tin of tuna. Most nights for dinner he has a massive salad with 100 grams of meat.  He cuts the meat quite small and cooks it quickly in a bit of tasty sauce and then puts it on his salad.

Maybe this could help you.

Jo. 😊
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Re: Successful dieters out there?
« Reply #2 on: April 12, 2019, 12:03:37 PM »
I have been overweight for quite a few years and am on 10 mgm of prednisone every day. I don't have the hump on my neck and don't look like I take prednisone but know that it does impact my weight some. I am also diabetic and take Metformin 3 times a day. I also have appetite aversions and will lose 10 pounds and keep it off for a while and then it comes back on. No doctor has told me to lose weight at this point.

The one thing that might help you out is to try a diabetic diet. This makes it so much easier cause you count carbs and not calories. As a diabetic everything you eat has a carb amount and it is really easy to know just where you are at. If you look up a diabetic sight by doing a search you will soon come across a site to two that has a good "menu" of meals using the carb count. You learn to know what pretty much everything is carb wise. The secret is to keep the carb count to about 60 per meal plus there can be snacks.

You learn to read carb counts on all snacks and find out what is the least amount and lets you eat fairly well. You even know pretty much what every little mini candy bar has carb wise. Watch the carbs in real pop ad juices cause they are terrible. This may be something to work around cause you can have pretty much everything just not anymore than the carb count can beare at that time. Good luck Irish

Liz D.

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Re: Successful dieters out there?
« Reply #3 on: April 14, 2019, 01:54:38 PM »

I sure hear ya!!!  I’m about 20 lbs overweight and would love to lose them.  But to be honest, I have never really dieted because too many of my friends go on diets, are miserable, then gain it all back plus more.  Then the whole vicious cycle starts again.  By the time they have finished their fifth diet, they are three times as heavy as when they started their first diet!

I know that the bottom line for me is self control and discipline.  I love my sweets and comfort eating like chips when i don’t feel well.  I often eat ice cream because my mouth is so dry and it feels good.  I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and healthy food generally, I just need to learn to say no to desserts.

Another excuse I use is my age.  I’m going to be 56 and when I look at pictures of my mother and grandmother when they were this age, they looked the same weight I am now.  It’s par for the course for mid age as far as I can see.  That being said, there is no excuse for the sweets I eat.  That part is up to me to stop.

I also notice that when people are older and nearer death or sicker with things like cancer,  they become too thin and underweight.  Those are things I don’t want right now.  So I appease myself by saying my 20 extra pounds means I won’t be dead soon. ????  I know it’s probably weird thinking, but it helps.

I guess to sum up, self control is the key.????

Liz D.

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