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Successful dieters out there?
« on: March 04, 2019, 02:00:20 PM »
They say truly successful dieters are rare. I think what is meant by that is folks who have lost a fair amount of weight and then have consistently kept it off for a long time. Don't know numbers. I'm thinking kept it off 5 years or more. 

But, I know for myself...I've had a lot of trouble with consistency. A good 15 years ago, I got 20 pounds off with Weight Watchers. But, then I had to do it all over again 10 years ago. And five years ago. In my defense, I have had to take prednisone on and off, which is horribly bad in terms of weight gain. Nighmarish.

On the positive side (sort of) is that I never let it get too out of control. When I am twenty pounds overweight, I tend to get very serious and down to business and lose the overweight. BUT, it gets harder and harder each time. AND I'm more than a little fedup with this routine.

I need to lose perhaps 15 pounds at the moment. I WAS DOING DECENTLY, but was put on prednisone a year ago or so. Gained weight, got some off, put it all back in December and have been messing around up and down ever since. NOt sure what happened. Stress, fatigue, etc....I suppose.

I have relatives that maintain their weight year round. They might gain a pound or so during holidays and then they immediately lose it. I've noticed tremendous discipline and avoidance of:
1. overeating  (they avoid this at all costs)
2. Sweets/desserts/sugars (they avoid these almost entirely)
And they usually engage in this
3. regular exercise...even if its just walking several days a week

I suppose the formula is rather simple. IDK. I've seen this work for them. It's not rocket science. Yet, it seems tremendously difficult.

Anybody here able to maintain a normal weight the great majority of the time? Or have friends and relatives that you have observed who are successful?
Or have you lost weight and kept it off consistently 5 plus years? What tidbits can you give us? What encouragement might you provide? How do you stay strong when temptation rolls around? What have you learned?  Please share...I need good, helpful and positive feedback. And probably more than anything...just to be engaged in helpful, positive, encouraging  conversation.

PS Eating in a healthy manner (lots of veggies, avoiding sweets...actually gives me more multiple reasons to do this!)

Thank you.

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SLE, Sj.  Syndrome, IC, Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia, ITP (low platelets)... Various meds and lots of vitamins. Trying to eat healthy; seems to help a little.