Author Topic: Arginine products for restoring oral pH, enamal, and prevention of cavities  (Read 582 times)


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Thought I'd share this.

I hope to try it... has anyone been using arginine based chews or tooth paste?  Curious what Dentists are saying...

There are some convincing studies online...

-  Mark
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So I received some of these in the mail after ordering off of Amazon since my Dentist had mentioned products with Arginine.   

We'll see if it pays off at the next cleaning/check up.

So far, I am using the chews morning/night after brushing (they are a post cleaning treatment).  They are actually pretty tasty and have Xylitol, in addition to the Arginine, in them. 

As part of my new years resolution, I promised to spend a little extra time on my teethe... as they haven't given me any problems yet (and I intend to not take that for granted and preserve them as best I can).

- Mark


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Hi Markt,

Bit surprised to see this beneficial effect for saliva.

I've tried L-Arginine capsules and in fact it did the opposite: increased dry mouth (+ give me itchy skin).

Or is there a stark difference between L-Arginine and regular Arginine??
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Dry Mouth Syndrome and the Emerging Role of Arginine-Based Technologies
Anne Guignon, RDH, MPH, and Brian Nov?, DDS

The evidence continues to grow and indicate that arginine bicarbonate-calcium carbonate technologies can play a significant role in stabilizing the oral microbiome,
reduce the risk for pH mediated oral conditions and diseases, and potentially reverse early stages of demineralization. Dental professionals have a professional responsibility to evaluate all risk factors contributing to oral disease and provide appropriate information and strategies to prevent, intervene, and reverse
these debilitating conditions.

Still using Basic Bites x2 daily; I actually enjoy capping off my oral care routine with these before bed.  Colgate makes a product in this realm (a toothpaste/gel?) that I intend to investigate.