Author Topic: Arginine products for restoring oral pH, enamal, and prevention of cavities  (Read 317 times)


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Thought I'd share this.

I hope to try it... has anyone been using arginine based chews or tooth paste?  Curious what Dentists are saying...

There are some convincing studies online...

-  Mark
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So I received some of these in the mail after ordering off of Amazon since my Dentist had mentioned products with Arginine.   

We'll see if it pays off at the next cleaning/check up.

So far, I am using the chews morning/night after brushing (they are a post cleaning treatment).  They are actually pretty tasty and have Xylitol, in addition to the Arginine, in them. 

As part of my new years resolution, I promised to spend a little extra time on my teethe... as they haven't given me any problems yet (and I intend to not take that for granted and preserve them as best I can).

- Mark


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Hi Markt,

Bit surprised to see this beneficial effect for saliva.

I've tried L-Arginine capsules and in fact it did the opposite: increased dry mouth (+ give me itchy skin).

Or is there a stark difference between L-Arginine and regular Arginine??
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