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New Illnesses
« on: January 04, 2019, 06:54:52 PM »
I don't even know where to start?

2018 brought changes. A lot of them I didn't want.  Asthma diagnosis in February after I called EMS twice because I couldn't breathe.

Summer brought two diagnosises, Major Depression Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I am seeing a psychiatrist and a therapist.  On several medications. The combination of talk therapy and medication are really helping me.

In the fall I saw my rheumatologist.  When she started testing the trigger points every one of them hurt me. So, here we come fibromyalgia. 

December 1st I walked 3 miles in a race and at the end could not put any weight on my left foot. Peroneal tendonitis. Wore a boot for a month.  Just getting back to walking on two feet again. 

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Re: New Illnesses
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2019, 07:43:38 PM »
I'm sorry to hear that you are not doing well, lighthouse.

You are receiving good care from the sound of things, so hopefully you are finding some level of improvement with your depression and anxiety.   You've been through so much in the last several years. 

Wishing you a better year ahead.  Keep in touch.  You are among friends.
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Re: New Illnesses
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2019, 06:26:12 AM »
Dearest lighthouse,

You are always a marvelous resource and constant friend here on our Forum.

It is  hard to have new diagnoses, that's true.  I try to think of them as possible sources of help for symptoms I may or may not have noticed.

The new diagnosis of achalasia brought me help with a treatment I didn't know was possible.  The same thing was true with the diagnosis of SIBO. Both treatments were successful!  So I feel better.

The treatments may have to be repeated, but so far so good.

The two diagnoses, however, indicated a progression of neurological damage caused by my Immune Disorder.  I keep hoping for stability!

Recently I've been seeking professional evaluation of my joints damaged by arthritis. 

So far I know I can't have surgery on my badly damaged knees, because of my neuropathy.

Next, I will seek the opinions of surgeons on my neck and my shoulders. 

Fortunately I have experienced some pain relief with Low Dose Naltrexone, so my joint pain is eased somewhat.

Sorry to hear about your perineal tendonitis.  It's no fun to have to wear the boot.  Will you have Physical Therapy as well?

Hang in there, lighthouse.

Hugs,  Elaine
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Re: New Illnesses
« Reply #3 on: January 07, 2019, 03:41:37 AM »
Lighthouse, congratulations on your 3 mile walk despite some health challenges during 2018. I'm impressed ! That is more than I can do right now but I am working on it. I tore a meniscus in my knee and having to get rehab. I can bike and swim so far but not walk for long distances. Keep up the good work.
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