Author Topic: H1N1 vaccination in Sjögren's syndrome - study  (Read 145 times)


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H1N1 vaccination in Sjögren's syndrome - study
« on: November 07, 2018, 06:24:16 PM »
I saw this study from last year and wonder if anyone has any wise comments about it? My brain fog is so bad at the moment it's difficult for me to read anything - much less some scientific text in English. But do I read this right: Since my SJS is untreated (I'm not on Plaquenil or anything for it) I should be cautious about getting the flu vaccine?

H1N1 vaccination in Sjögren's syndrome triggers polyclonal B cell activation and promotes autoantibody production

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Re: H1N1 vaccination in Sjögren's syndrome - study
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2018, 11:49:24 PM »
I am not alert enough to understand all that is in the info. All I can tell you is that   I was not diagnosed or on any meds for almost 40 years and during that time my health was not the best. I started getting the flu shot at least 10 years without any problems. I worked in the health care industry and had so many infections. My patients had a large amount of flu and I began to be concerned that I could get very ill if I didn't get the vaccine. Have you talked this over with a doctor.

I have to admit that I would think that even with an educated study this would be a very hard issue to pin down. Everybody is so different in their autoimmune and immune response that I would think it would still be an educated quess with the testing. Just my opinion. Irish