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New Lung Problems
« on: June 13, 2018, 12:25:26 PM »
Late Saturday night, my husband rushed me to the hospital as I was having the worst abdominal pain. Turns out, I was passing a kidney stone, (I have another one that needs to pass but that's a whole other topic. Trying not to think of it. Lol).  So as it usually goes when I have a CT scan for something, at least one new issue raises its ugly head. The scan showed a bone island in my spine but what really worries me is that it showed dependent ground glass changes of both lungs. Has anyone else ever had this?

A node was found in my lung about 3 years ago. The pulmonologist scanned my lungs 3x's a year, then twice a year and the last visit, it could hardly be seen and my next appointment was scheduled for this coming August. There was no ground glass in those scans. It's new and I'm worried. My pulmonologist is on vacation until next week and I'm really anxious. I have had a terrible cold for about 6 weeks and am hoping this might be what is going on but thought I'd reach out to you guys as you're all so attuned to things that happen to our bodies as we have Sjogrens. Thanks!!
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