Author Topic: Tell us some weird or old fashioned things you cooked, canned, froze.  (Read 2016 times)


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Hubby and I moved to the country acreage hobby farm when kids were young and learned how to do a lot of things from the past. One thing I did was render lard. We would plow an old neighbors driveway and he would give us a couple younger pigs in payment. When butchering time came....we always did this ourselves.....we cut off all the fat and I cooked it down on the wood stove in our basement and then put in quart jars to cool, put on the lids and would put in the freezer.

I took out of freezer as I needed it. Every fall I would pick apples off out 3 apple trees which were old Wealthy and Jonathan apples. I would sit in the kitchen with talk radio on and peel apples and then soak the apples in salt water while I would make dough for 10 double crust a apple pies. I would drain the apples and place the bottom crust in the al foil pie tins and then add the sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and slices of butter on top and then the top crust with the crimped edges.

I would place paper plate over the top of the pie and wrap it from the bottom and around and up and from the top and around and down with the foil. When time to bake I would take the top foil off and pierce the top pie crust with fork and brush with milk and sugar and bake. The bottom foil caught the drippings. ( I Usually placed on old cookie sheet under also). I usually froze 30 pies every fall. Lots of work but so darned good warm with ice cream or cheese.

My mother in law taught me so much and I loved doing the old fashioned things. Lets hear some other interesting things from your early years-----married, single, triumphs or failures.
All Interesting and part of our growth through the years. irish
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I was young and was a helper to my grandma in the kitchen. I helped or watched her make sauerkraut,
Ketchup, pickles, can garden vegetables, freeze fruit...dry fruit....make jam/jelly. She sewed her clothes and some
Of my outfits,quilted....plucked chickens....on and on.

The weirdest thing is she canned beef tongue and pigs feet. It looked awful sitting on the shelves in
the basement with the other beautiful canned food.  My grandfather liked the brains of the cow and he
Would fry them up immediately after the butchering. Yuck....yuck....

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Great topic Irish! When I was young, my mom would buy a bushel of beans or peas. We'd get together and shell them. She would blanche and freeze them. She didn't like to can.

Most fun was when we would go crabbing. My mom would boil the (poor) crabs and we'd pick them. I liked to eat them plain but my mother also made the most delicious deviled crabs.

Haven't done either of these activities since I was a child. Kind of miss them. Where I live, I wouldn't dream of eating a crab out of these waters!!
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My grandmother would make sour cream cookies. I have not found a viable recipe for them.

My mother would make ice box cookies. They contain ground walnuts, ground coconut, and ground oat meal. The dough was run through the meat grinder then rolled into logs and frozen. When you wanted to cook a batch, you took the log out and cut it into 1/4 inch slices for baking.  It does not taste like a traditional oat meal cookie. People who do not like coconut love the cookie.

I have a problem with them. I think that I had one and ten are gone.
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J would love to have people tell their stories of these past ways used to live life. I wasnt aware of any of this except what I read about I married a farm boy and eventually learned to do a whole lot of things I didn't know I would be doing. We would butcher hogs, chickens and our own beef. Butchering chickens is a thankless job but those chickens were really good. Ours were supposed to be butchered by July 4th as they would be pretty good sized by then.

My hubby had to always work a booth at the Minnesota state fair and he would not be home until after it was over the first week of Sept. Then we butchered our chickens. They were big-- I had a big blue granite roaster and I could barely squeeze 2 whole chickens in to roast. We would have then for Sunday dinner and then would have Toasted chicken sandwiches for supper with cups of hot tea.. The 3 boys were home and there was hardly any chicken left by bedtime.

A meal I used to cook years ago would be baked chicken, baked squash with brown sugar, literally mounds of sliced tomatoes with mayo on them and sometimes there would be some late sweet corn that we would cook up. Nothing tastes as good as those old home cooked meals. I always think the tomatoes were more flavorful back then also. YumYum. Irish