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« on: February 23, 2018, 02:06:04 PM »
Hello all.

Has any one hear had Rituxan infusion for R/A and secondary Sjogrens?  Does any one have improvement of  the Small Fiber Neuropathy with Rituxan.  -- My Rheumatologist says that I qualify for Rituxan.  I would go for it if it helps joint pain and neuropathy.
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Re: Rituxan
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2018, 04:12:54 AM »

I just finished my second infusion of Rituxan.  It is administered in a very controlled environment, and I found it to be pretty easy to tolerate (only had headaches after the first infusion, which subsided). 

I cannot say for sure yet whether any symptoms have improved with this treatment, but most studies published (as well as anecdotal experiences) tend to show that symptoms improve 2-3 months in.  The medication has a "bell curve" with regards to efficacy, as it takes time for immune B-Cell depletion to occur.  I can't say that I have SFN, but I will share with you any other improvements experienced.


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Re: Rituxan
« Reply #2 on: March 03, 2018, 08:10:17 AM »
I have been on Rituximab since February 2016.

I receive  a set of 2 infusions every 24 weeks so I have had a total of 10 infusions (or 5 sets of infusions).

I have Sjogren's and sero-negative RA.

I have had vast improvement in fatigue levels, energy levels, joint pain, saliva flow, peripheral neuropathy symptoms, and cognitive function. My small fiber neuropathy symptoms have improved (burning feet and ankles and lower legs, feeling of wadded up cotton between my toes, feeling that feet and lower legs are encased in very tight stockings, electric shock sensations, crawling sensations on skin, bee sting sensations, feeling of vibration  in hands, arms, legs). My joint pain disappears with Rituximab infusions.

My symptoms tend to worsen some the last month prior to the due date of my next infusions, but that is normal because the B cells are repopulating so the symptoms start to increase again. However, my symptoms have never returned to pre-Rituximab severity.  Each time I receive a set of infusions, the B cells are again depleted and the symptoms decrease again.

My opthamologist says my eyes are the best he has ever seen them.

Rituximab has been a major help for me. It has given me back a life. I am not back to pre-sjogren's levels, but at least I can function and have a life now.

I had tried Cellcept and Imuran in the past. I had terrible side effects from both and had to stop them. Plus they did not help except Cellcept did take my joint pain away.

I find Rituximab easy to take and have no side effects from it except for increased vulnerability to infections. For me, the benefits greatly outweigh the risks.

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