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Re: 2018 - Juggling Life Club
« Reply #15 on: April 09, 2018, 09:45:47 AM »
Bucky, of course 'thinking about projects' is part of juggling projects.

Today my big project is hosting my bridge club.   I've fretted over managing it all before they get here.  But I'm ready with some time to spare.

HOWEVER, it exhausts me to do this.   I've had to sit down to rest twice.   Moving things around while using a walker is very tricky!  Not juggling but a cousin of 'juggling', I think.

Carebear I hope your husband and your granddaughter are recovering.  I'm impressed by your project with the playroom.  And know the joy of growing things in pots.  Cherry tomatoes are so rewarding!

Our bathroom remodel is done, except for some baseboards and paint touchups.  I 'see' everything that needs to be done, but since I don't 'do it' I have to bite my tongue so I don't 'remind' my husband about the little things that aren't finished.  He doesn't like my reminders.   I have to let go, but that's so hard when I keep SEEING the unfinished things.

That is harder than juggling, I think!

I once took an online test, one of those 'find the things that are different' or 'match the things that belong together'.  I scored so high the test indicated that I might be OCD.  Now I always admired OCD People that organized their closets by color, etc.  But never counted myself among them.  I guess I'm borderline.

I have been known to get up in the middle of a Board Meeting to straighten the pictures on the wall across from me.  Yeah, OCD I guess.

So having most everything managed by someone else (my husband) is very stressful for me.  He loves: lots of furniture in one place (small tables, useless chairs, etc), piles of papers and books.  He doesn't see: dirt (the areas around all the door handles are almost black!), crumbs, sticky stuff, coffee stains running down the counters....eeek, the list is endless.   He doesn't mind: cooking odors, a full cat box, etc.   I often think I'd be happier in a retirement apartment, cleaned weekly, with only my own stuff to manage, meals cooked in a kitchen far away from me.  BUT, that isn't the answer.  So I 'juggle' my feelings, the things I notice and 'struggle' not to harp on what I see that needs 'fixing'. 

The project that I'm contemplating AGAIN is transferring all the VHS tapes to DVD.   We have about 50 VHS cassettes.  I did transfer about 5 of them, making fancy labels and everything, but they went missing and I think my ex DIL either has them or had them and threw them away.  So I have to start over.  I have weddings, and proms, tree trimming parties, birthdays, and vacations to Spain and France.  I only made VHS recordings from 1989 to 1999, and then I just stopped making recordings and taking pictures.  Just lost interest.   Now I rely on my children to record history.

This is a perfect task for me, and I have the VSH/DVD machine for making the transfers.  OR I could take the VHS tapes to one of the large chain drug stores that will put all the VHS tapes on a website for me to edit!  That sounds really great, and then they put the edited version on a DVD.  Of course, they should really be on a flash drive and in the Cloud.  But I think they do that too.

I just have to GET OUT the VHS tapes, which are upstairs in a box.  I also have a box of blank DVD-RWs.  As a perfectionist (who knew?) I want the tapes edited very carefully, since there are even long places where I forgot to turn off the camera and recorded the seat back.  You know.

The key is to get started.

And I love reading about the things that other people are doing.

Regards, Elaine

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Re: 2018 - Juggling Life Club
« Reply #16 on: April 10, 2018, 08:27:15 AM »
Some of the best things in life - weddings and babies.  This past weekend we enjoyed both!  One niece got married, and another niece had a baby!

Life can have so many ups and downs . . . I hope you have more UP days than down and look for something good in each day!

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